Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another week whizzed by

Tuesday 30th January
I was at work. Allie & the kids stayed in for the morning and Pearlie had a good Squeezebox session in the afternoon.

Wednesday 31st January
A rushed day for me, as I had half an hour after finishing work to get Leo to a birthday party on the other side of town. After dropping him off for pizza and bowling, Pearlie and I wandered to the nearby park and encountered lots of home edders there, so that was pleasant. We made it to capoeira in time for Pearlie’s class. I went to my knitting group in the evening and the others watched more of the Secret Garden.

Thursday 1st February
P. had a fine time at kids club, doing sport and then digging a big hole in the sandpit. Leo had a fine time at the grandmothers’, where he heard the beginning of A Gift from Winklesea (he finished it himself later, at home). Allie went to two jobs. I went to two meetings. We all watched the end of the Secret Garden in the evening.

Friday 2nd February
I went to work again, and the others did a successful experiment, writing secret messages in lemon juice and revealing them with candles. They also made some adorable creatures out of cardboard tubes and foamy eyes.

The Emperor of the Veget, by Leo

Marcellus and Bingo, by Allie

Henrietta, by Pearlie

Saturday 3rd February
Both kids got magazines in the post – Aquila for Pearlie and Doctor Who Adventures for Leo. P. also got a letter from a penpal she has contacted through Aquila, so she was very pleased. They were too busy with their own projects to go out this morning, but we did make it to the shops in the afternoon to buy hay for Bunny. They then arranged themselves a park trip with their cousins and uncle, while I stayed in and gave Bunny a bath and haircut.


Pearl said...

yes, rather.
I didn't know you gave Bunny a haircut.

Carlotta said...

Ds...says " the piggy!"