Sunday, February 18, 2007

Quaint Macaroons!


Pearlie and Leo had a lovely day. They spent all day with cousins and were taken to see Charlotte’s Web by my mum. I went to work and Dani went to the supermarket.

All the kids spent time working on comics, pictures and illustrated stories, which they sold to the various adults around.


The kids and I felt the need for a less half-termish and more regular day – so we went off to our favourite branch library. We were recently told that most of the libraries in Brighton and Hove will be getting a big infux of new children’s stock. Sadly, this still seems to be in cataloguing, or wherever, and the shelves have all been extensively weeded to make room for the new stock! The branch library probably had fewer children’s books on the shelves than our house does. But, as usual, the kids found themselves things to read and settled down in their usual chairs for some silent reading time. I pottered about and read the paper.

One of the things I like best about the relationship our kids have with the library is their appreciation of it as a space to read and withdraw from other people – not just somewhere to rush in, grab books and rush out. You might think that, as I spend so much of my life in a library, I wouldn’t want to spend time in one when I’m not working – but not so. Most librarians love libraries and even a whole working life spent in them doesn’t tend to kill that off.


The kids started Saturday with a rather spectacular falling out with each other. Once they’d got over that, Dani took them to a park on the edge of town where there was an event called ‘Amazing Grazing’. There were some sheep there and the children made felt pictures using sheep’s wool.

Then they went off to their cousins’ for yet another sleepover.

Dani and I met up with my mum and her partner for a meal, and then a trip to ‘Acorn Antiques – the musical’, which was on at our local theatre. We loved it! I shall never forget the spectacle of Mrs Overall coming up through the floor wearing a satin overall and diamante rubber gloves.


I had to work today. The kids and Dani pottered about in the morning – P on the internet and Leo making flicker books. In the afternoon they went to town so the kids could spend some saved pocket money. P bought yet another Fur-Real Friends Newborn Bunny.

This evening we all watched an interesting programme on Feral Children. It was terrifying to see the physiological affects on the brain of early deprivation.

We also amused ourselves by adding up all the clothes Pearlie would like in the Boden catalogue! We once ordered some clothes from them – a few years ago when we had more money. Ever since they send us their catalogue. Anyway, the total was £358!! What is really scary is that there must be families who do kit their kids out entirely in such clothes.

Leo has gone straight to sleep tonight, without reading or drawing. Such is the effect of two sleepovers in one week.


Merry said...

I just don't get the inclination to spend that kind of money in those sorts of places at all. It was lovely to do it just once for the wedding, the girls are trruly appreciating having 2 items each form somewhere other than Tesco or H&M but as a daily occurence, it just seems to much like dressing them up as dolls really. We occasionally stretch to the cheap stuff on the Verbaudet catalogue, but 3 tops for £8 doesn't count as dreadfully extensive i don't think!

I had no idea you were a librarian... ow terrible of me! Does that mean you'll be able to get us sneaky gossip on what it's like working with Nic? ;)

Allie said...

'fraid not, Merry! I'm a university librarian and Nic works in a public library.

Alison said...

Lol, we've done that add up the wants in the Boden catalogue too! I try to throw them away without looking at them these days ;-)

It's good quality stuff though, lasts through lots of kids - if I had the cash I'd buy decent clothes all the time :)

Hope the new children's books arrive at the libraries soon!

Claire said...

Charlie has had quite a bit of Boden stuff - particularly tees, summer and winter baggies and some jumpers. It is fab stuff and really, really lasts. He has 4 pairs of summer baggies that he's had since he was 4 and because he's so skinny in the waist he only grew out of them last summer. They've lasted 5 summers + numerous hols in them and they look brand new still. Off to buy a new set for this year as he loves them so much.

Allie said...

I like the Boden clothes well enough. But we seem to be able to make charity shop clothes and Primark stuff last for years, so we can't really justify the expense. Leo came into a big bundle of cast-offs from a friend the other day. But P is getting to the point of really enjoying the look of nice clothes, so I think things will get a bit more expensive round here!