Friday, February 23, 2007

Sports, culture, socialisation - are you listening DFES?


The kids went, for the first time, to the local home ed sports session. To fit this in I have to drop the kids off at Dani’s work for the moment she finishes and then rush off to work myself. Sports was an hour of hockey in a local leisure centre. We weren’t sure if Leo would join in – as most of the kids are 8+ - but he really enjoyed it. Dani enjoyed it as it involved an hour of sitting in the leisure centre café, chatting with other home ed parents. After the session everyone decamps to a local park where the kids do more running about and the adults sit in a different café!
It does make for a somewhat exhausting day for the kids as they then have capoeira classes to go to. No-one could say that our kids don’t get enough time being physically active!


Leo has now started at Kids’ Club (just one session a week – P. still doing two) and his first session was an outing to Brighton museum to look at the exhibits – and specifically how they are exhibited. The kids are going to follow this up with an activity involving making little museums of their own. I’m not sure how this is going to work but both of them came home to find shoe boxes and gathered together various precious things. This project is being led by a local artist.
At the museum, Leo and Pearlie were taken round by one of the other parents and Dani took some other people’s kids. Dani’s group ended up in the local studies centre, where several of the children were enthralled by old Kelly’s Street Directories.

Pearlie went to Woodcraft in the evening, where she designed a magazine cover.


Today we went to the big, local home ed drop-in. There were four new families and it was extremely busy. The local home ed scene just seems to grow and grow. It’s no wonder the govt are getting scared!

I wasn’t in the most sociable of moods and really would have liked some quiet time at home, but P gets a lot out of this drop-in. It is a completely social space where the kids play ping pong, football, chat, play on an old arcade game, and go off in gangs to buy snacks from the local shops. There are maybe forty kids (?) of all ages – from babies to young adults. Leo spent most of his time drawing and demolishing a big bag of chocolate covered raisins! He did get involved in a rather wild game of tag, which involved him slipping into a muddy puddle. This wouldn’t have mattered had he not chosen to wear socks and sandals today.

Soon after we got home it was time for P to go to yoga – which has moved from Thursday to Friday. Yoga runs at P’s old school (her cousin’s current school) and today they told us to collect the kids from the office at the end. Leo and I got there on time but, of course, the kids were a bit late out. This meant we had to wait just outside the classrooms, amid the cleaners with hoovers and teachers chopping things up with guillotines. I felt very uncomfortable in that schooly environment – especially as Leo was on something of a sugar high (the choccy raisins) and very bouncy. I was relieved when the girls appeared and we could escape!

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yoga is in the infants not juniors
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