Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another week whirled by…

… with the usual smattering of groups, classes and gatherings. Some notable bits this week were:
  • An enjoyable trip to London on Saturday 17th, where Pearlie, Leo and I met up with my parents, my sister and her family, and my uncle and aunt, over from Australia for a quick visit. We looked round the Museum of London, appreciating the reconstruction of a Roman water lifting machine in the garden, as well as the exhibitions on the Great Fire of London and more Roman stuff inside. After exhausting the possibilities of the gift shop, we moved on to St Pauls Cathedral, only to be thwarted by the unbelievable entrance fee. Finally, we walked across the Millennium Bridge and the kids went down giant slides at Tate Modern.
  • Leo’s birthday, as mentioned previously
  • A full-on Wednesday, with a hard-fought game of basketball, followed by a mass sword fight (!) in the park, and then straight on to demanding capoeira classes for both kids
  • More sport at Kids Club – football in the cold drizzle – plus card games, reading and writing. As well as preparing for a Comic Relief fundraising event on Saturday, P’s Woodcraft Folk group this evening debated the whole concept of charity as a means of tackling world poverty.
Meanwhile, Leo has been working on his own website, a showcase for his series of books, the Corner Cronicles. All typing, spelling and punctuation on the site is Leo’s.

Pearlie has been enjoying Kakuro puzzles a lot recently, choosing to do them with me instead of having a bedtime story for the past week or so.

We have now begun to read The Lark and the Laurel, by Barbara Willard (on loan from cousin S). Allie and Leo are still enjoying Eragon.

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Gill said...

I do like the Corner Cronicles. A very exciting story, IMO, with great illustrations.