Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthday season continues

Great fun was had by all at Leo’s party on Sunday. Entertainment was skilfully provided by Trickswop Workshop, and it was wonderful to see all kinds of people having a go with juggling balls, devil sticks, diablos and even a tightrope. I’ve heard some people were so bitten by the circus bug they ended up in the juggling shop the next day!

Thanks to everyone who came for making it a mellow and happy occasion.

Leo was thrilled with all his presents, which were a great crop, and is fully intending to write thank you letters to everyone.

It was quite an acquisitive weekend for him, actually, as he picked up several bargains at Pearlie’s Woodcraft Folk fundraising event on the Saturday. This had been organised by the kids themselves, and was appropriately chaotic, but the auction of goods and promises raised a respectable amount of money for Comic Relief (much to the amazement of the group leader).

We followed the weekend up with our usual round of work and groups on Monday, this week making judicious use of annual leave to enable me to pop in at Kids Club to help clear up and discuss waiting list issues, before taking over from Allie for the last bit of MMs.

Pearlie had a good Kids Club session, starting a new project on comic books, while Leo enjoyed making a den and creating an Easter basket (of dragon eggs) at MMs. P. later did gardening at the grandmothers’ house, in celebration of the returning spring weather.

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