Monday, March 19, 2007

Leo is seven!

We've been having a lovely, lazy day - all at home for Leo's birthday. Here he is unwrapping a big box of dragons and ramparts.

We got out to the park in a sunny moment - before the school kids arrived. It was a day for wild, high swinging.

Home for lemon drizzle birthday cake.

Leo has had phone calls from family, cards in the post and by hand, and a little visit from his cousin B.

Happy birthday to our lovely boy. Seven!!!


Ruth said...

Happy Birthday Leo:)

peri said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday Leo

:-) Peri, Mike and Jakob x

a said...

Happy Birthday Leo, from Ali and Freya, cake looks great and I recognize that bit of park - looks like a good day!

Anonymous said...


Hope you had a fab day!!

luv n hugs
Liza & Andrew

sian&pearl said...

yeah, we went really high that time!

Gill said...

Oh, happy belated birthday to Leo! Great cake!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Leo :-)

Alison said...

That sounded like a great birthday! And I love the cake (and know a 6 year old who would be *very* impressed ...) :)

Sharon said...

I am really late, but still, a very happy birthday to Leo. He sure looks ecstatic in that photo!

We must really love our boys to put up with the not very nice Horrid Henry! (My 2 boys are fans too!)