Saturday, March 10, 2007

Look what you can do when you stay home!

Sandpit has spent the winter full of stagnant water and sludge. Now's its empty, clean and ready for a new bag of play sand!

All the bats, balls etc, are in a tub in the porch.

The porch now we can actually walk through it - and reach our tidy little back garden. For the last few months we've been jumping over piles of junk.

New labels!

The stationery/art stuff has emerged from under a pile of paper!
Also done:
Bathroom floor mopped after everyone walked mud through while sorting out the garden.
Pages from yahoo calendar printed out and put up on kitchen wall - so everyone can see where we're going on each day.
Seeds planted in tubs and flowerbeds
Drawing (Leo)
Skipping (Pearlie)
Now we're doing a bit of craft stuff - using all the materials we've found...


Alison said...

It's always nice when that sort of stuff is done and you can admire it for a week or two (before you start messing it up again!) :)

jax said...


if you fancy not being at home, you could come round and sort ours out ;)

particularly like the craft shelves set, trying to work out how to reorganise our stuff so the kids have easy access atm.

Liza said...

looks good, now when you coming round to do mine??

peri said...

Organisation is a scary thing.....scary the sense of pride and achievement it gives - as you stand back and sigh with satisfaction even though you know in a months time it will no longer exsist - well at least that's how it works here ;=)

Good job anyway!