Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lots of football, sunshine, draughts and famous people

Been just too busy to blog this week. Here’s a round up…

Saturday 3rd March

I went to work. Dani and the kids had a grand football match in the park, with all the local cousins.

In the evening Dani and I went, with my mum, to see Joan Armatrading at the Dome. It was a great night out. Joan Armatrading is in her late fifties now but she still plays a mean guitar, sings like an angel (my idea of an angel) and had a very devoted audience to appreciate her.

Sunday 4th March

I went to work. Dani and Pearlie took Leo over to play at his friend G’s house. They then went to investigate a new Sainsbury’s that has opened up nearby. When I got home Leo was still not back, and Dani and Pearlie were in the middle of a game of Scrabble.

Leo and his friend G had been busy making comics which they went on to sell at MMs the following day.

Monday 5th March

Pearlie took herself off to Kids’ Club. She calls for a friend on the way and they both got caught in a very sudden, and dramatic, hailstorm. After Kids’ Club she went to the grandmothers’ house and did some French, and watched Shaun the Sheep.

Leo and I went to MMs, where it was a quiet session. After that I went to work.

In the evening Leo and Dani went to his Woodcraft session, which was a trip to a local leisure centre to do trampolining.

Tuesday 6th March

Tuesday was a big day for Leo. Dani managed to get a long lunch break and took him to see his favourite author and illustrator combo – Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. He took his ‘Corner Chronicles’ books to show them. He got his copy of ‘Clash of the Sky Galleons’ signed by both of them, and greatly enjoyed the reading and talk. Chris Riddell had brought his sketch book, which Leo thought was wonderful. We’ve booked tickets to see them again during the Brighton Festival in May – though Dani wonders if they’ll give the same talk again!

While they were doing that, Pearlie was at Squeezebox having her session. There’s going to be a gig in June and there is some talk of Leo joining in with P’s band for that. He really needs the one to one sessions but, as he is learning the same songs, he might be able to join in with them just for the night. He came from the author/illustrator event on a high and enjoyed working on a new song.

On Tuesday night I went to ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ at the Theatre Royal, with my mum. It was great – very cleverly done. Dani had to take the kids along to a Woodcraft meeting, which was a bit much for all of them as it ran on late.


Dani went (with some HE comrades) to another meeting with the local authority person responsible for HE. They made a great deal of headway in re-drafting the letters and leaflet that the council send to home edders. It seems to be going very well. I would like to go to the meetings too, but it is hard to manage the required childcare and the manic schedule of groups. Dani is so efficient at this sort of stuff, and has already made a new newsletter to publicise the progress.

I took some leave from work and took the kids to home ed sports group. They were pleased because it was football. They seemed to play very hard – all the kids emerging halfway through, purple in the face and gasping for water! Leo told me proudly that he had got the ball five times.

After sports we went to the local park and the kids all played in a big gang and re-fuelled on cheesy chips. It was a beautiful day and P enjoyed towing around friends, who were on roller blades. Roller blades have jumped to the top of P’s birthday list! Leo played happily in a muddy puddle – making stick bridges.

I had to rush the kids off to capoeira – where Leo did his class with his cousin D. Pearlie had to do her class without her cousin S, because S was busy practising to sing for the Queen!


Today was a glorious day. Pearl and Leo both went to Kids’ Club, where the kids were working on their puppet show. This is being videoed by the kids, so they will end up with a complete product even though they are actually acting it out in chunks.

Then there was football on the sports pitch – for a full ninety minutes! Dani said that it was a great match – kids of all ages playing together.

After a quick stop off at home, Dani took the kids to Sussex Stationers, where P bought herself a pretty purple diary, and Leo bought yet another Horrid Henry book. Leo is funding his current book habit with pocket money, topped up with money for housework. He seems to be aiming to get more money this week than I do – something that has never yet happened. Today he has done washing up, helped put washing on the airer, made his own breakfast, and helped clean out Bunny. We all get paid for jobs in this house, which is working well at the moment. I like feeling that I have a bit of cash of my own – I think we all do. Though it is a bit odd to pay ourselves with our own money!

Pearlie went to Woodcraft this evening, where they were busy planning a table top sale fundraiser for Comic Relief. They also talked about summer camp. Pearlie is thinking she will probably go to this camp – a week in Dorset.

I had a day of two jobs – cleaning for a neighbour and then to real work. I did manage to fit in a short walk in the sunshine by getting off my bus a couple of stops early – buds, birdsong, blossom – beautiful!

So that’s it. In our (limited) time at home we’ve all been doing various things. I discovered I liked making Zooks at the Bamzooki web site. Pearlie is thrashing me regularly at draughts. Leo is playing a lot with rope and string – hazardous for the rest of us! He’s also reading loads. Dani knits and knits and manages to meet all her deadlines for meetings and groups - money management, waiting list maintenance, newsletter production – and so on. We have a family day off approaching this weekend – with plans to potter in the garden if the weather holds.

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