Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring, sprung, snot

On Sunday Dani and the kids went up to the park and enjoyed the sun. Monday was MMs for me and Leo, Kids’ Club for P (they finished the puppet show) and work for Dani. I also popped to town to do some secret things. Leo went to the grandmothers' and looked at frogspawn and delivered local newsletters. Today has been another lovely day. This morning the kids both did some helpful stuff around the house – taking their stuff up to their bedrooms, and hoovering. After their Squeezebox sessions, the kids and I went to the park to hang out with other home edders.

Leo is currently reading his way through the Horrid Henry books, watching it on TV, and making related posters. I don’t like it – sexist nonsense based on constant confrontation between adults and children – but he’s enjoying it. He’s also drawing lots and doing various Doctor Who stuff. He illustrated to me how confident he is with the number system today - reading six digit numbers as we watched something about money on tv.

Pearlie is doing lots of Kakuro and playing draughts and Othello. She beats me fairly consistently but I don’t mind losing – legacy of being youngest of four, perhaps? She is also following Comic Relief does Fame Academy. She's also back on Club Penguin quite a lot, and playing her Map Detectives Urban Mystery pc game.

Pearlie and I - and I suspect Dani too – have colds. This is because I boasted about having had a relatively disease free Winter.

I have been pondering the purpose of this blog. As the kids get older I find it more awkward to blog their stuff – it feels a bit silly when they could put it on their own blogs. But, just now I think it will remain a mix of news and thinking. Will try to avoid the long lists of groups – as I get bored writing it, so you must get bored reading it!

Anyway, I have P’s permission to share this Haiku that she wrote recently, when we spent a morning thinking about moles. I thought it was great.

Mole Haiku. By Pearlie.

Moles, burrowing deep.
Slow, long, hard work, and for what?
A warm burrow. Sleep.


Anonymous said...

Nooooo dont stop! I like reading your blog! :-)
In the early days your autonomous approach inspired me and gave me the confidence to allow Andrew to learn in the way that suited him rather than forcing him to do what I felt he should be doing.
luv n hugs
Liza xxx

peri said...

Great Haiku.

Ruth said...

Ikwym about it being more awkward to blog their stuff as they get older. My older 5 have asked me not to anymore ( 3 have their own blogs)so I am down to the two 8 year olds but even they will be saying no more sooner or later.

Beth said...

It is a bit of a challenge as the kids get older. It's akin to when they were babies and we mothers would share every intimate, physical detail about our babies to one another -- matters we'd not be sharing now! So on my blog I don't often mention my eldest son, because his life is his own to share (or not!) on the internet. I'm careful about the privacy of my whole family, but I also enjoy the public journalling aspect. It's rather like having a newspaper column of my own -- without the pay or the editor!

In terms of being a homeschooling family, I do think blogging is a wonderful form of communication -- both for other homschooling families, and for those who aren't. If nothing else, it is a way to demonstrate that we're not pathological freaks for keeping our children out of government schools!