Friday, March 02, 2007


Well, it’s been a week of ups and downs. Dani has a rotten cold which has been hanging around all week. I have felt really tired and a bit achy. The kids have been ok but Leo has been a bit overwhelmed with the pace of groups, I think.

Monday was a day of jolly junk modelling at MMs, for Leo and me. Pearlie went to Kids’ Club and then kept the ill Dani company at home. Leo had some time at the grandmothers’ house – and I got my hair cut. Leo had Woodcraft in the evening. Pearlie and I played Scrabble and I got the 50 point bonus for using all my letters in one go. Pearlie played on womanfully although this more or less handed me the game from the start. It was a great game and Pearlie did lots of super neat little things adding letters into little corners to make several words.

Tuesday included Squeezebox sessions for both kids. Pearlie is having a period of renewed interest in Kakuro, which she did while Leo was in his class. The weather was awful and I was feeling pretty rough, so I was glad to flop on the sofa when we got in. In the evening Leo and I did several pages of a maths puzzle book – Leo told me the answers and I wrote them in.

On Wednesday the kids went to sports – basketball this week. They skipped capoeira.

Thursday was Kids’ Club for both. There was a bit of a puppet show – though someone had taken Thor home to work on him, so he was missing! Leo found a game of bulldog a bit frustrating as he kept getting caught. He is spending a lot of his time as the youngest in groups at the moment, which is quite hard work for him. It’s good that we have MMs, where he is one of the older ones.

The kids went on a book buying expedition on Thursday afternoon – and I got home in the evening to a quiet house of knitting and reading. Pearlie enjoyed the World Book Day special ‘The code of Romulus’. Leo spent some of his own money on a Horrid Henry set – joke book, story book and inflatable football. He read the Horrid Henry in a couple of hours. I’m no fan of Horrid Henry but Leo’s enjoying him at the moment.

Today we had to go to pick up a parcel from the parcel office in town. It was Leo’s Doctor Who Adventures, with a bulky free gift. I hope that they don’t keep being so generous because having a subscription is rather pointless if we have to go to town to collect it! We bought bagels from Bagelman for lunch and sat on a sunny bench eating them. There was someone drumming, and the pavements were buzzing and I felt a happy Spring, Brighton buzz.

Pearlie went to yoga without her cousin S this week – as S was a bit under the weather. P was ok to go alone and told me they’d done some group work.

Leo has done some beautiful dragon pictures today. Pearlie has been enjoying quiet time watching tv downstairs a lot this week. She is often choosing to watch news and documentary programmes – as well as Poirot.

Leo has been writing loads this week – by hand and on the pc. I’ll leave you with a piece he wrote on the computer on Thursday – just as he wrote it.

“I Know what’s in the Middle of the Earth Chronicles
For all ages
For World Book Day

Once upon a time in a far desert something stirred. In the midle of the planet. a boy was walking along and a crack appered underneath him he bent down and then the crack opened up. And then he fell in to the planet head first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!then a load burp……the burp was strange and as soon as the burp soanded then a stench filled the air it smelled like rats mice and dirty stray boys….and it smelled like a very big monster was in there and it had eaten the boy!and after that milions of people were faling in to the earth and milions and milions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!then the earth’s population was running low and the planet’s top agents were going to do something about it.”


Beth said...

Oh! Leo's story was wonderful -- it reminded me so of my Forrest's stories when he was young. :-)

Sharon said...

I'm loving the story!
The cool, springtime Brighton buzz sounds good too!

lucy said...

fab story - a magnificent burp!!