Sunday, April 01, 2007

Doctor Who and Mr Bean

I am feeling quite a bit better – and we’ve been enjoying the weekend.

We have done all the groups, as usual. The kids both enjoyed a workshop making light-switch covers at Kids’ Club. These are supposed to remind us to switch off lights we aren’t using.

Pearlie has been:

Doing loads of Kakuro.
Showing me how you could work out a percentage from a fraction. This was just a snippet of conversation and a quick sum on a bit of paper.
Collecting up lots of cuddly chicks and rabbits to sit in our front window for Easter.
Doing a bit of touch typing practice – using a free bit of software off the internet called Kiran’s Typing Tutor.
Putting in work on Club Penguin – she’s saving for an igloo upgrade!
Keeping a close eye on the news. – reading the paper and watching tv news a lot. She took the TES up to bed to read the nonsense stories on home ed.
P has also suggested that we have a ‘Greeks day' – like we have for Romans and Vikings in the past. She came up to my work and found resources for us to use.

Leo has been:

Reading lots of the books he got for his birthday, and ones he bought with birthday book tokens. There are so many of these I can’t remember them all! I know he read the ‘Horrid Henry’ collection in a flash, and gobbled up the latest ‘Captain Underpants’. He has read most of ‘Ottoline and the Yellow Cat’ and started on ‘The World According to Humphrey’. He is dipping in and out of a book of Doctor Who scripts from the time of Tom Baker – he is very impressed with this book.

Writing a great deal. He has been very pleased with a birthday pressie diary with an ‘invisible’ pen and revealing light. Of course, I have no idea what he’s been writing!

Here’s some of the things he’s written and shared with the rest of us.

First, a political piece – typed on the pc .

"Poo poo ruler:tony blair.
tony blair is a poo poo ruler . he caries on with trident and all his other ideas . even a cocroach would be a better ruler. If he wants to stay being the prime minister then he should brighten his ideas up. Also think about that demo about trident. He ignored it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Here’s a job advert for some of his toys – also typed on the pc. Sancatphrax is his rock city, currently dangling from the banisters.

"Sanctaphrax jobs for action figures 5 inch to 12 inch action figures can not go to the upper level bigger ones are welcome to the upper stage. Ask leo the pay."

Here’s a handwritten piece:

"Once upon a time an elf was walking along and tripped over a paving stone and he discovered a thick boot. A thick leg extended out from it. And a strange evil looking man stared at him."

I’m itching to know what happens next but no more has appeared.

Last night we had a roast dinner to celebrate the return of Doctor Who. It is great to have that series back.

Today we went to town to get clothes (needed) and books (rather more wanted than needed!) and replace Dani’s phone (five years old, so not bad by today’s standards). I had the irritating experience of trying on jeans marked ‘ankle length’ and they still trailed on the floor! Anyway, we all got sorted.

Then we went to see ‘Mr Bean’s Holiday’ – which we all enjoyed.

We’ve got a lot to prepare in advance of our trip to Edinburgh next weekend, so blog may get even thinner…


Nic said...

excellent writing from Leo :) I saw that book and just thought of Leo so I'm glad it was a hit :)

Helen said...

The weather is lovely up here in Edinburgh just now so hopefully it'll stay that way whilst you're up here.

Liza said...

andrew loves his invisible pens too!
and YIPEE!!! Doctor Who is back!!!!

Louise said...

Love Leo's writing, 'specially the Tony one!
We'd love some invisible pens. Where did you get them?
and aren't they a bit hard to find in the shops ;o)

Beth said...

I love the elf story! :-)