Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hot, hot, hot

Been having a scorching weekend here, with mostly sunny but a few hot’n’bothered moods.

On Friday, I had to work. Pearlie finished her cycling course and got a certificate. She was pleased with the course, and had received a real confidence boost. She’s now keen to take part in our local monthly critical mass bike rides – should be fun!

Allie and Leo had meanwhile met up with the rest of the local family at Allie’s mum’s house for a belated Easter gathering. When P’s course was finished and Allie had picked her up, they had an Easter Egg hunt in the garden, and some lovely tea. I got there in time to snaffle a lemon curd tart before it was time to go home.

Saturday was a working day for Allie, and the weather was glorious again. After some (ahem) heated debate, we finally settled on Allie’s brilliant plan of going to the garden centre for play sand, then pottering in the garden, to satisfy my need to be outside and the kids’ preference for staying close to home. This we eventually achieved, discovering a children’s treasure hunt and free sunflower seeds at the garden centre before staggering home with two bags of play sand in the old buggy.

Cousins S&D came round for a quick play in the sandpit, Allie brought shopping in and made roast dinner, and we all watched Doctor Who, which was excellent, I thought – a real return to form.

Today was even hotter. Allie had to work again :-(. After a lazy morning, the kids and I suddenly decided to catch the bus up to Devils Dyke. We worked together to pack a bag and make a picnic and were on the bus within an hour.

Devil’s Dyke was beautiful, as always.

There were lots of paragliders, but not much wind, so they were mostly on the ground. Our kites flew, briefly, and we went for a nice little walk.

Having sand in the garden means the kids are happily absorbed in elaborate constructions, and that the house is slowly filling with sand. Ho hum.


Gill said...

We forgot all about Dr Who1 Couldn't believe it. Still kicking ourselves!

Gill said...

(That's a !, not a 1)