Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Off my feet

hence, morning blogging.

I have a hundred things to do. I also feel like spending a day under a duvet watching the ‘True Movies’ channel, with IV tea and a huge bar of choc. I can’t give in to that desire but it seems I can avoid all the stuff I should be doing by blogging. Ho hum!

Yesterday was not a good one. I am feeling all round over-stretched. Got commitments everywhere and not meeting any of them properly. The busier I get the more mistakes I make – and that makes more work – and so on… It could just be a case of getting back in gear after our trip to Edinburgh. Got P’s birthday party at the weekend and after that I think I should be able to make a bit more time.

P had a good day. She went to Kids’ Club – where she is making a comic about characters called Stringy and Banana. Then she went on to the grandmothers’, where she is enjoying working through some French Magazines called C’est Facile. I don’t thank my mum enough for the work she does with P – note to self! She also played cards with both of them – something she loves to do.

Leo and I went to MMs, where I got stressed. Leo then managed to get Dani to take him into town afterwards to get the newly released DVD of Eragon. He is watching it for the third time this morning.

I went off to work to find a madly busy day in progress. It was a ‘well over 2000 bodies through the entrance’ day and stayed mad until we finished at 8pm. I came home and flopped.

I didn’t wake until 9.30am this morning. Got to get myself in gear. Leo is upstairs practising keyboard which involves ‘Patience’ by ‘Take That’ blaring round the house. I think it really makes you old when a band having a come back were after your time the first time around. IYSWIM!

Ok, this blogging in the morning doesn’t work. Been interrupted to assist with runny hayfever nose, phone doctor’s surgery to discuss repeat prescription for anti-histamine, look for missing watercolour paints (unsuccessful), help with a Tardis shaker maker kit and give my opinion on the spelling of the word especially. Still not even dressed and lunchtime approaches.


Di said...

Hello--we've been away for a bit (holiday in Derbyshire with 20 members of my family ...) and I just remembered to come and catch up on what you've been up to. Saw you've been to Edinburgh. If you go again, it would be great if you could stop off and visit us in Newcastle if you can on the way there or back. We'd love to see you. It would make the sleeper a bit more complicated, but we have got nice things to do here that we could show you!
Love Di

Dani said...


Yes, I thought of you as we passed through Newcastle on the way home. That's a lovely offer, and we'd love to see you too! Hope your holiday was fun.

Dawniy said...

just popping in to say hello and let you know i've been reading :o) sounds busy as ever at your home !

Gill said...

Hope you get everything you wanted done, done :-)