Saturday, April 21, 2007


We had a super pool and picnic party today - in honour of Pearl's tenth birthday. She isn't actually ten until next Tuesday but we had a day off today and lots of family could make it too.

The first part of the party was a fun session at the local swimming pool. You can get an exclusive booking for £35, which is pretty good value when compared to other party activities. There were fourteen kids in the pool - and assorted adults.

Luckily it was another beautiful sunny day so everyone went on down to the park for a picnic tea. A couple more kids joined us there.

I had been helped by my mum and partner to set up a big picnic for hungry post-swimming kids - and peckish adults. We had Sainsbury pakoras and bhajis (lazy), sandwiches, crisps, tomatoes, jaffa cakes, choccy mini-rolls, strawberries, grapes - and my mum's famous party cakes. These are fabby little fairy cakes, made in tiny cases, and iced and decorated with a selection of sweets. Pearlie chose to have vanilla cheesecake for her birthday cake.

Pretty much all the kids decided to play a football game. This was ably refereed by one of my brothers, and was very good humoured. The players ranged in age from 5 to 12 - both boys and girls. It was a draw and so had to be decided with golden goals. I was relieved that my brother took on the ref role as I can remember virtually none of the rules of football.

There was a minor worry when someone disappeared briefly - but he was found sitting happily up a tree, thank goodness.

Five of Pearl's six grandparents came along - and all her five cousins - which pleased her greatly. She got lovely, thoughtful presents and managed the whole occasion very calmly - even being given the bumps! Leo told me at bedtime that he'd enjoyed it as much as his own birthday party. So, all round a great day, thanks to the weather gods!

Can't put up any photos as they all include other people - so you'll just have to imagine it.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Pearl.
sounds like your party was fun!!
luv n hugs
Liza & Andrew

Beth: said...

Happy Birthday to Pearl! Amazing how quickly they grow ...

Helen said...

Sounds like a great day! Happy Birthday when it comes Pearl!