Thursday, April 12, 2007

Three days in a rush

Catchily uppiting here:

Dani at work all day.
I did lots of washing and unpacking and stuff.
Kids both had Squeezebox sessions.
Played in park.
Went to supermarket.

Dani at work in the morning, rest of us pottering at home – drawing, painting, writing to pen pals.
Kids went to town to buy footballs.
Long play in the park with home edders and assorted other kids. Poor P got sworn at by a rude boy in big football game.
I went to work for the afternoon and evening.

Pearlie went to day one of a two day course on riding a bicycle on the road – declared it very good.
I went to do cleaning and then to my real job.
Dani and Leo spent some time at home. Leo got a letter from a friend and wrote and posted a reply.
Later in the day they went to the park again to play football with cousins.

Might write a more interesting post now!

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HelenHaricot said...

very concise!