Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We're off

Just setting off for our little holiday - on an exciting overnight train journey!

While we're away, I thought you might like some thought-provoking reading, pointed out to us recently by my dad.

I thought this article contained some valuable insights, though it's not cheery reading for those of us contemplating a government consultation into the need to monitor and assess our way of life.


Liza said...

Enjoy your holiday! look forward to lotsa pics when you get back

Anonymous said...

I think children should not be indoctrinated with politiocal views they do not understand it is abusing children.
And does nothing to further the views of home education.

Allie said...

Hiya Anonymous!

What a nice welcome back.

Our kids are not 'indoctrinated' as you so charmingly put it - and I don't like casual accusations of child abuse.

Please do not patronise our children. They ask questions, read, and form their own opinions. They are perfectly free to reject our political views - and sometimes they do. Both Dani and I were raised in homes where we were encouraged to think about political issues from a young age. We learned how to present a case, deal with conflicting evidence, modify our arguments, change our minds totally - all important skills if you are to learn with an open mind.

I guess you must be talking about Leo's recent piece on TB. I thought it quite sweet that L was so outraged that the PM had ignored a demo that he had taken part in - quite indicative of his current understanding of politics - which is, of course, developing as he grows up. It really doesn't mirror my understanding of politics!

Some people believe that children can't understand politics - I think they are wrong. Of course, a seven year old may have a somewhat simplistic grasp of the issues involved, but so do a lot of adults!