Friday, May 18, 2007

Blah, blah, blah

Just written a really tedious account of the last few days and deleted it all because it was too boring to even finish. Here’s highlights and lowlights:

Dalek Sek got his eye stalk broken and mended (twice).
P had a friend round to play.
We wrote our article on cars and play space for the local community newsletter.
We hosted a productive meeting of the local group of home edders working with the local authority.
Groups (various).
Leo has a cough/cold.
Leo trod in a massive dog poo in a park– both trainers and his trousers got dirty.

This is still boring – ho hum…

Here’s some pictures Leo drew today.


Elaine said...

WOW that art work is awesome!

Gill said...

Great pics :-)
I bet it wasn't boring, but I'm not blogging much because I'm feeling very similar ATM. Must be something in the air! Hope it soon passes.

Minnie said...

The drawings are brilliant. Leo is a talented lad!!

Treading in poo is supposed to be lucky!! Don't know where that superstition came from, though. LOL!

Your posts aren't boring, btw. You seem to pack an awful lots into your days. Keep blogging!!

Anonymous said...

glad that the LA meeting went well...( expiring with curiosity...)

love, fiona in sheffield