Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Camping, blading, digging, creating, thinking...

The weekend was a great one – for all of us.

Dani and Leo went on a Woodcraft youth hostel camp to Alfriston. They did canoeing, den building, pond dipping and a walk up to a white horse on a hill and listened to local legends. It was all very exciting and involved Leo getting soaked three times and bumping his head while fleeing from a wild chasing game. Dani said he was not the only casualty – she doled out a lot of plasters! They got home on Sunday – exhausted and with a pile of washing to do.

I had managed to get a weekend off work. Pearlie and I went off to investigate a home ed rollerblading meet up, which was near our family beach hut. Pearlie did really well – only one tumble – and she is keen to go again. It was lovely to spend some time at the beach hut. I hope we’ll get to spend lots of time up there this summer. Pearlie and I made pancakes for tea, watched Doctor Who and then Fawlty Towers.

On Sunday P and I ended up back at the beach hut, in the company of cousins. Poor cousin S fell over and got a long graze down her arm. The weather was amazing – like high summer.

Sunday night saw me making paper plate snappers to share with everyone at MMs, and Dani making flexagons for the Woodcraft session. Both went down quite well. Leo made a Dalek evolution flexagon, inspired by this week’s Doctor Who.

Monday was a lot of rushing about for everyone. Leo and I went to MMs, while P went to Kids’ Club and Dani to work. In the afternoon I went to work, Dani and Leo prepared for a Woodcraft session, and Pearlie went over to the grandmothers’. She did some French vocab revision and caught eleven newts in the neighbour’s pond. After Woodcraft they all came home but were tempted out again by the sound of the Morris Dancers from the pub at the end of the street. I missed my bus home and eventually got home at nearly nine to find them rolling in!

Dani was at work today. Pearlie and Leo both started the day with some music practice, while I ordered some food online. Leo then settled down to some book making – ‘The Dark Night of Death’ and ‘The Shadows of the Graveyard’. These are fact books about such charming things as zombies and vampires. I helped by finding ‘facts’ on the internet! Pearlie and I then looked at one of our maths books together. P decided she’d like us to go through a page on ratio. This became a good hour and a half, discussing ratio, fractions, decimals and percentages.

Then we realised it was lunch time.

After the kids’ Squeezebox session we went to the park, which was alive with home edders – at least ten families. It was hot and sunny again (yawn!) and the kids played for hours. Eventually they got involved in a lovely, collaborative sand creation. This was a mixed sex, mixed age creation involving digging and building and trips to the toilets for cups of water to add to the creation. In the end we stayed until Dani had finished work. She came to find us and we all ambled home.

Got to get some sleep now – another busy day tomorrow – but we’ve got seduced by ‘Dead Poets’ Society.’

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Sounds like a lovely time :-)