Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Home Edders go mad in France

So, our day trip to France…

On Monday Pearlie, Leo and I had to get up at 5.30am. I woke a couple of times in the night as I was a bit anxious. Then I spontaneously woke up at 5.27am and had to stand over the phone waiting for it to ring with the reminder call I’d booked!

Everyone was on time, so we were off by 6.50am. There were thirty home ed kids on the bus (aged between 7 and 15) and 17 adults. Pearlie sat up at the back with friends and Leo and I managed to get front seats, just behind the driver.

It was a fairly mammoth day out – five hours on the coach each way – for just under four hours at the destination. We went under the tunnel – a very strange experience we’d not had before. There is something about sitting in a coach as it rocks like a train, that is just so wrong!

Picture is blurred because he wouldn't stop jumping!

Because we were on a tight schedule we only had a couple of ten minute breaks on the way – and none at all on the way back.

Our destination was a park place called Samara. We were treated to fantastic guided tours (in English) by park staff. Our group was first shown how to make fire - a hot spark from a flint and a stone with iron in it, some material from the middle of a tree fungus, and then dry grass. It was impressive and led to a lot of stone striking by kids as we went on!

We were then shown around various dwellings, reconstructed to be as close to prehistoric dwellings as possible. There was a lot of interesting discussion about how much of the evidence has been destroyed by time and how the guesses they have to make are influenced by knowledge of various factors, such as climate at the time. There was also a chance to throw spears at a hay bale ‘reindeer’.

After the tours there was just time for a quick bit of gift shopping. Pearlie bought her own ice lolly and was pleased that she managed that in French – even with a choice of two flavours!

Then it was back on the coach and home in time for late pasta tea – and we fell into bed.

The trip was a fabulous opportunity for us as home edders – basically completely paid for by The European Union!

It was great that a local home ed mum managed to organise everyone at short notice so we were able to take advantage of the opportunity.


HelenHaricot said...

looks fab. we're hoping to go camping in france next year, so will ask you where that is, as looks good!

Nic said...

sounds fab, would have been too much for S but I think D would have enjoyed it. Glad you all had a good day :)

Gill said...

Oh, that looks like a very cool outing!

Sharon said...

It seems that it was worth all the travel.

BTW, I've nominated your blog for a Thinking Blogger Award.

mcewen said...

Newbie - you make me feel quite homesick.
Best wishes

Beth: said...

What a great opportunity! Not sure I could go through the tunnel though -- too claustrophobic!