Monday, May 14, 2007

Medicated, magical, somewhat manic

At the end of a long day…

Dani went off to work this morning. I woke with a threatening migraine – nauseous, thumping head, dizzy, watery eyes, saying the wrong words – the lot. Luckily I managed to catch it in time and took pills, drank tea, ate toast and moved carefully and got rid of it.

Pearlie went to Kids’ Club – lots of playing and drawing her comic.

Leo and I went to MMs, where we had a good time. There was biscuit making, junk modelling, tabard making and a certain amount of rampaging. I was very glad that the migraine had gone and I was able to take part properly.

I deposited Leo with Dani and Pearl at a bus stop, changed to another bus and went on to work. Finished work at 8pm and had to run for my bus home.

It was the AGM of Leo’s Elfins Group (Woodcraft) this evening during his session. Pearlie was allowed to join in with the session so that Dani could go along to the meeting and end up as secretary for another year!

My big brother was on the radio tonight – talking about the Labour leadership campaign. It is about 13 mins in to the programme. He is a John McDonnell supporter. I thought he did brilliantly. Not my party these days so not really my business but I was pleased he made a good case.

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alison said...

Haven't been here for ages - lovely to catch up on your news :)

Ernest has days when he just eats constantly too.

Really like the swimming costume - great prices too!