Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sick pruter

Our laptop is very ill. The hard disk is dying (quite gently, which is giving us time to backup all sorts of things) so we've ordered a new, bigger hard disk. We get our computers from the fabulous Ergo. They have a straightforward phone support service where you get to speak to a helpful person. They will also talk you through things on the phone. Once they searched their records for us to get details of a purchase when we needed to make an insurance claim. All round they offer a pretty amazing service when compared to the big name suppliers.

In a few words we have been:

Theatrical ! - We went to see a fabulous story telling event 'Them with Tails' which included a joint story - with character and plot suggested by the audience.

Doing capoeira - the kids made it to their class and both had a good time.

Experimenting - Dani and Leo diverted a stream of water using static electricity on a balloon.

Doing French - My mum came round today and she and Pearlie looked at the latest edition of the magazine they have been using.

Playing - lots!

Diary writing. Pearlie and Leo go off to do this together - we know nothing more.

At Woodcraft (Pearlie) where they are designing a banner to take to camp.

Getting wet. Often.


Beth: said...

Sick computers must be going around! Mine just died, and I am trying very hard to like my son's mac, and he is trying very hard to share.

Gill said...

Yes the same thing is happening to Zara's :-(