Friday, May 04, 2007

Strange objects in the sink

End of what has felt like a very long day – in fact, three long days. We are having something of a cull of group commitments – in an attempt to re-energise knackered mums and give a bit more balance to our lives. This is not before time. One morning this week I was snatching up breakfast debris off the table and hurling things in the sink when I found myself washing up a blue coloured pencil??

Ever since P was a baby we have both worked part-time and been at home with the kids part-time. We have never believed that the person at home had any particular duty to get housework done, prepare food for absent partner or get food bought etc. But often, of course, the person at home has found moments to do those things. The trouble with our current schedule of groups and park play is that it has led to very limited time actually at home – for anyone. When we are at home we tend to be a bit tired (in Leo’s case – very tired) and so not overly keen on clearing up, laundry, cooking – let alone shopping. As well as house chaos we have been suffering from frustration about half-finished projects and lack of time to unwind.

When we decided to home ed we never envisaged the problem of having too many social and group options on offer. I know we are very lucky to have such a great, well established community of home edders here – and I do appreciate everything that people have set up over the years.

It is hard to cut back. Different family members of the family have different priorities– and none of us has wanted to let anyone else down by reneging on a group commitment. But we have decided to drop our weekly sports group for a start and see if that makes us feel less pressured. The kids don’t lack opportunities for team play (often playing footie after Kids' Club) and get LOADS of exercise rampaging in parks.

So, what have we been doing, apart from reaching ‘erk!’ point in our daily lives?

Dani made another newsletter about the current state of the work being done with the local authority. This seems to be a long process. I have had to stop going to the meetings because we couldn’t manage childcare, but we talk a lot about the issues involved. Leo was asking me about it today and I tried to explain child protection concerns without being too worrying.

Dani went to Kids’ Club as an extra parent helper on Thursday and shared some origami with the kids. It went down very well.

Leo has been getting masses of enjoyment out of a build up of empty loo rolls that he found in the bathroom (so there are advantages to neglecting the house work) that he has declared to be a Dalek army. We have, of course, spent lots of time making Daleks in the past and lots of money buying two remote controlled ones. But Leo is getting so much enjoyment out of these tubes and his imagination! He does combine them with his toy Daleks and other Doctor Who toys, but I think they are as satisfying to him as any toy could be.

Pearlie has been enjoying a new issue of Aquila. She was inspired to draw this lovely pastel picture, based on the view from Devil’s Dyke – across the Weald. She is going to enter it in a competition in Aquila - as an impressionist style picture.

I have finished and submitted an article which has been accepted for publication in a parenting magazine. I’ll boast more fully when it is actually published!

I stayed up way too late hunting bargains in things the kids need for various hols and trips – sun suits, raincoats etc. The wonderful Little Trekkers came up trumps with reduced items - as it often has before. More spending is on the horizon as P would like a new pair of Converse boots for the gig…

Dani and Pearlie had a conversation about our voting system. Dani invented a simple model council and printed out figures for this imaginary council to show P how it worked. They discussed turn out, as P asked about the number takers at the polling station.

See above!

I am reading Pearlie a new bedtime book called Eleanor, Elizabeth – set in Australia in 1960. It was one of a whole heap of fiction withdrawn from our stock at work that I couldn’t help but bring home. So far the heap has provided two excellent reads – and I’m hopeful that there are further treasures to discover. I’d like an excuse to stay in bed and read my way through the lot!

Tomorrow is the start of the Brighton Festival. Last year we took part in the opening Children’s Parade, but this year the kids and D are going down to watch. I’ve got work but have done a swap to get Sunday and Monday off – hoorah!


HelenHaricot said...

i have always imagined you as a family rollerblading everywhereas you pack your lives to the max. sounds great. chris used to live in brighton and i loved visiting there.

Nic said...

Lol - D is doing the exact same thing with his loo roll stash - currently set up in his bedroom as an army of daleks. He's been collecting them for months, spiriting them away from the bathroom and stashing them in his bedroom under the bed, not knowing what he'd do with them but assuring me they would have a use when he thought of one!
Love P's drawing, the downs / fields view with all their changing colours have always inspired me to want to paint them patchwork style like that - good luck to her with the competition.
And well done on the writing - look forward to further details on that. :)

Hope MM isn't likely to be one of your culled activities?

Allie said...

Tee hee about the toilet roll daleks! I might think up a Dr Who themed craft or baking activity for MMS when we next go.

MMs is safe in our schedule for now. I hate the feeling that I'm backing out of things but needs must. We have so much we want to do at home!

Gill said...

Congrats on being published! Very exciting :-)

I'm also impressed with the newsletter, P's pic and the daleks!

Nic said...

We have dalek cookie cutters - will bring them next time :) And D has decided today he wants a Dr Who themed birthday party :lol

Allie said...

Great! I'll bring ingredients and my fool-proof 'mother and daughter cook book', which has a sweet biscuit dough recipe.