Monday, May 28, 2007

Up catching

This will be in the nature of a v. sketchy catch-up - with photos!

Bank Holiday Monday

Today was peeing down with rain here – and cold enough to be November. I enjoyed something of a Busman’s Holiday and re-arranged/tidied our non-fiction collection.

Dani and Pearlie did some Greek together.

Leo pottered about and talked about rats a lot. He drew a design for a Robo-Rat.

This afternoon we went to town to grasp the nettle and get P a phone. Seems a bit strange as she was a toddler just yesterday but we now often find ourselves in situations where it would be useful for her to have a phone. Leo was not happy for her to get a phone and for him to get nothing. He doesn’t need a phone but he apparently needed a Cult of Skaro, so he got that instead.

P and I watched a fab Greek myths video – from the Jim Henson storyteller series from the late 1980s. It was Perseus and the Gorgon, directed by Anthony Minghella and told by Michael Gambon. I liked it so much I went on ebay and found a region 2 DVD with the complete set, which I bought with the my ‘jobs money’.


I was at work.

D and the kids spent an ‘up and down’ day at home. Kids spent time on various writing projects that they have underway at the moment. D did some work on a response to the HE guidelines consultation.

Both Kids’ bedrooms got tidied – HOORAH! - you can walk across the floor.


I was at work.

D and kids stayed in and kids bickered for a bit as they were trying to use wheeled toys in the (small) kitchen – then all went to the park.

We had roast dinner and watched Doctor Who – as usual.


D was at work.

P went to play at a friend’s house.

Leo and I had a cooking and baking day of foods L loves.

We made a big pan of risotto – onions, garlic, courgettes, borlotti beans, black-eyed beans, tinned tomatoes. Leo chopped the courgettes, chose beans, “can we have borlotti and black-eye?!” lit the gas and did a lot of stirring.

After we’d eaten lunch we made a banana cake. This was a truly gorgeous one so I’ll share the recipe:
6oz soft brown sugar creamed with 6oz butter
Two beaten eggs and 2 mashed bananas
Fold in 6.5 ozs of self-raising flour
Bake at gas mark 4 until skewer comes out clean

Dani and Pearlie went on Critical Mass in the evening, which P really enjoys.


I was at work (cleaning and real job) all day.

Dani was on the rota to help at Kids’ Club, where the kids are doing various things. They are planning a fund raising sports event. They also read a letter sent to them by some kids in India. Dani took Penrose Tiles, which people explored a bit. They played football.

P went to Woodcraft in the evening where they had a discussion about swearing!


Wednesday was a pretty horrid day in patches (kids had a huge row in the street!) but did include some happier things.

P and D made soup – carrot and potato. P enjoyed the making, but not the soup. I thought it lovely and had some on my return from work.

There was also a trip to play in the park where weird black fungus was found, maps were made, and rabbit holes discovered.


Kids had a Squeezebox session where L got carried away and stood on his stool while playing the keyboard. Can anyone guess what happened next?

After that we went up to the park where a friend (J) was having his 8th birthday get together. There was a super Dalek birthday cake and I drank lots of tea.

That’s it – caught up!


Nic said...

Blatant table flaunting with that picture! ;) How ordered are your books now, are they dewy decimalised?
Baking sounds good, as does tidy bedrooms.

Dani said...

are they dewy decimalised?

No, but only because I told her it wouldn't actually help me or the kids to find anything!

Dawniy said...

yummy , we'll have a go at that cake :)

HelenHaricot said...

I like an organised shelf! helps me find things. ALso, when we're in carol vorderman mood it makes for a good mix ['ll have one from the top, one from the middle and a random one!]

penny said...

I wish i could bake. My cakes always come out flat. ALWAYS. My children ridicule me. I see Pearl likes club penguin. Catherine is Dolphin411..something on club P. You may see her there. She spends half her little life there.

Allie said...

Hi Penny

I'll let her know.

I can hear my mother's voice saying, 'fold in the flour, GENTLY, with a metal spoon - cut and lift the mixture...' Works for me!

Liza said...

Lol Nic at the table flaunting!!

Andrew makes a yummy banana cake and his carrot cake is pretty good too, but his brownies are the best!!!

loving the tidy bookshelves - is everything in your house labelled?!?!?!

Allie said...

Of course everything is labelled. If the children sit still too long I am in danger of labelling them. 155.418 LEO or PEA.

And we also sit down together at our TABLE for every meal...

Actually, the labels rarely tell the truth and table is usually covered in 'important' mess. Today lunch time this included two glass jars of fake blood, a dismantled mobile phone, Heely accesories and lot, lots more!

Louise said...

What a great week! Lovely photos too.
I am very envious of your organised bookcase and kids bedrooms!!!