Monday, May 07, 2007

Wicked Weekend


My new swimming costume arrived – ordered in the early hours of Friday, so pretty impressive service from this shop! I really like it – it holds everything together admirably. I was looking at photos from Australia the other day – early 1994 – where I am posing about in a bikini. I just got comfortable with my body before pregnancy reduced my tummy to a soggy tea bag and middle age spread added a stone to my hips. Ah well, I’m happy to be a bit cuddly – mums should be!

I had to go to work but Dani and the kids went into town to watch the Children’s Parade – the opening event of the Brighton Festival. There was no home ed contingent this year but they enjoyed watching for a while. They saw three cousins – and lots of great costumes.

They joined in a capoeira roda in the street near the library. Both the kids played in the roda – very brave in a busy street.

After the roda they went to a book shop to get a birthday present for a friend. P had a birthday book token or two to spend. She was thrilled to find the new Roman Mystery book – “The Slave Girl from Jerusalem” – she’s read 100 pages or so already. She also got another “Lady Grace” book too. Leo bought a Grizzly Tales book – “Nasty Little Beasts” – which he is enjoying.

Doctor Who in the evening, of course. I made roast potatoes and stuff for the occasion and we all thought it was a fantastic episode.


We had an adventure on Sunday – heading off to a friend’s birthday party in the country. It was O’s 8th birthday. He and his mum, J, used to live in Brighton but have moved out to a village in East Sussex. We got a bus to the nearest town and then worked out a cross-country route to the village. There is a bus to the village – but not on a Sunday! It was a great walk, through woods (caught the end of the bluebells), across train tracks (nerve-wracking) and up lanes – to find the little row of cottages where O and J live. It was about a 50 minute walk.

J and her partner had constructed the most wonderful dragon hunt through the woods. Each child found their own party bag as we went along, and we collected magic tokens and numbers to help in the dragon hunt. The dragon (of the egg box variety) was lurking on the river bank. O had to pierce its black heart (the evil one) but leave its red heart beating and then we carried it back to the house in a net. This whole hunt probably took about an hour and half – lots of running about, climbing, falling over etc!

It was great to see O and J again, and chat with other friends.

After some lovely food we set off back to the town, in search of the last bus home. P managed a spectacular tumble down a bank on the way – a backwards head over heals – but was uninjured. We finally got home at about 9pm and all fell into bed. We’d spent 3 and a half to four hours walking (in the kids case climbing and running too!) and were all whacked.


I managed to wake up last this morning – at 10.40am. I’d slept about 12 hours! Pearlie was first awake – she always needs less sleep than the rest of us. We packed up sandwiches again and set off across town to the circus – Cirque Surreal.

It was a thrilling show – as circus should be. Pearlie liked people dangling on high ropes, Leo liked a fabulous football juggler and Dani and I enjoyed a Flamenco stylie man who whacked poi-pois on the stage. There were also two blokes who did terrifying things in and on some big spinning cage things. I can't describe it but I certainly do recommend the show.

We walked home via the takeaway and got chips and vegeburgers for tea. Flopped in front of the TV we all watched Victoria Wood in Ghana, Jamaica and NewFoundland – all very interesting. Both the kids did some practice of their instruments and I helped P tidy her room a bit. I can feel an urge to do something biggish in the house. We urgently need more book shelving, a clothes sort out and a kitchen re-jig.

Dani is working on a new knitting project based on Penrose tiles. This means she is spending lots of time doing calculations on paper and is currently tessellating like mad with our cardboard tiles!


Nic said...

Like the swimsuit - similar to one I got last year although it looks like it has rather better holding in abilities -I think I might require even more scaffolding than that to give me the figure in a swimsuit I would like to have though!

Dragon party sounds fab and we've been eyeing up the yellow signs for the circus as we've driven along the A27 for the last week, we went to one the year before last and loved it.

HelenHaricot said...

wow to knitting with penrose tiles! and love the swimsuits

Helen said...

We have swimsuits like that too! Partly for their holding in abilities but also as it means avoiding the dreaded bikini wax situation!

Allie said...

Oh, yes. You know how you are supposed to worry about your 'bikini line' - well what do you do when it is a paragraph??

Gill said...

LOL! Or a chapter ;-)