Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bits from the scraps box

Here are some random things that have happened recently and never made it to the blog.

The kids made homes for solitary bees out of tin cans and rolled up strips of newspaper.

The huge tangle of ivy got pulled off the back wall of our garden by the wind, and brought our washing line down. Allie and I then spent several happy hours balanced on ladders with a hacksaw, and later with some fearsome long-handled secateurs trying to cut it down. Now our garden is full of ivy branches and we are being ignored by the community compost scheme who promised to bring us bags to put it all in.

We went swimming.

Leo has been doing some beautiful pictures.

I ran a session at Leo’s Woodcraft Folk, where we made soda bread and butter to eat with it.

I printed the latest edition of HEdline News, and put it up on HEdline’s new website.

Here’s a picture of our teapot, by popular request.

Pearlie has been helping out around the house – washing up, putting clothes on the line, clearing the table, etc.

I am enjoying knitting my Penrose Tiles blanket. Here it is so far. I was going to stop there, but it’s not big enough to be a blanket, so I’ve revised my design and am carrying on until I run out of wool.

Allie got stylish new glasses.

We all watched a lovely DVD of the Minotaur story.

My new bike trailer arrived. Our tickets for Crete didn’t. We are supposed to be flying next Tuesday and are feeling quite anxious.

Doctor Who was great – the best this series, I reckon.

Leo is becoming quite speedy on his scooter.

Allie and Pearlie finished Granny Reardun and are now on Barnaby Grimes: The Curse of the Nightwolf. Leo and I are still working our way through Eldest. I read Miss Garnet’s Angel and Mr Golightly’s Holiday.

We set up Pearlie’s webcam and she had a brief video conversation with her cousins in Leicestershire. It didn’t work very well, but they were all excited to be able to see each other.


alison said...

I love Leo's art, he's got such a wonderful style.

Sharon said...

Leo's art is great. The blanket (to be) looks beautiful and the teapot is very sweet. I too enjoyed the latest episode of Dr Who and was in tears a few times. I bought a sonic screwdriver in Tesco's last night for Thomas. He's played with it all day (while dressed as the Doctor in a long Hogwarts robe and his Dad's stripy tie).

jax said...

Great teapot :)

Lucy said...

the teapot is so beautiful - where do you get it or did you make it? Leo's art is fantanstic and I love those Sally Vickers titles, and Dan has just finished Eldest... thank you for the 8 things tag, have done it now :)

SueJ said...

I like the trailer :-)