Sunday, June 03, 2007

Squeezebox Rocks!

Saturday night was the gig – Squeezebox Rocks – a mammoth four and half hour night of kids’ bands. The whole evening is hosted by J (the teacher at Squeezebox) and is really impressive.

Pearlie and Leo’s band – Duckrock – was on in the first hour. They were fantastic and we were very proud. It was Pearlie’s second gig and Leo’s first. Their whole band - Pearlie on drums, Leo on keyboard, B on guitar and M on bass - were excellent, and really seemed to be having fun.

Here are the kids up on stage.

We all got home at 11.30pm and got up very late this morning!


Dawniy said...

wonderful ! Wow Naomi will be well impressed , she so wants to be a singer.

penny said...

wonderful! i wonder if there is anything like that around here. Sounds like much more fun than standard music lessons.