Friday, July 20, 2007

Been quite a routine week here. There was another Hedline meting with the EOTAS bods yesterday, which happened at our house – quite good, I think. Most of the kids’ groups have been on – Kids’ Club twice for P, once for L, Squeezebox, Capoeira and some park playing. Not much point giving you more details, as both Pearl and Leo have been blogging this week.

My chief pre-occupation is the fact that we have an electrics problem – no lights on two of the three floors of the house. We have a somewhat unorthodox (and old) arrangement of fuse boxes but we managed to locate the correct fuse. Old fuse box means we have to fiddle about with fuse wire and a screwdriver and all that. I can actually do that (remember being taught by my mum, in the cupboard under the stairs, in the dark – hardly optimum learning environment but the air of excitement obviously helped!) and so fixed it – three times! Every time I sorted it it blew again in a few minutes, so something is clearly wrong. Gave up and phoned electrician. Electrician was out so am now playing that game where you have to decide whether or not to keep hassling. If you are too much of a pain in the bum then the electrician will get fed up and not come, if you are not enough of a pain in the bum then the electrician will decide to go to someone who is making a fuss. Ho hum. Think I’ll give it until tonight and then ring again.

Our house was built in the 1860s – one of many workers houses, thrown up in large number out of what was handy. I am convinced that some of our walls are made of Bungaroosh – fitting shelves isn’t a great choice as they often fall off the walls. We also have the joy of damp in the basement and so have to run a de-humidifier down there. Many houses just like this one were demolished in the slum clearances in the 1960s. I reckon the ones in these streets only survived because the council ran out of money to keep knocking them down and putting up tower blocks.

Seems bizarre that these houses change hands for more than a quarter of a million pounds! The housing market in Brighton is insane – you need to earn a huge amount to get on the ladder here. People brought up in Brighton end up leaving because they know they will never be able to buy anything here. And the rental sector is hopeless. Most of my young colleagues can just afford to live if they stay in shared student housing and then they struggle.

Anyway, lets see what the electrician advises. Really hoping this isn’t a damp related issue. Really anxious it may be as back wall is wringing where old rotten window needs replacing. Worry, worry, worry… Call electrician again, I think. Oh yes, and get window firm round for quote for back window.

Sorry, this turned into boring house post!

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Gill said...

Ugh to the book-a-tradesman game! Good luck xx