Sunday, July 08, 2007

Do-si-do and cyberpriests

Last night we went to the long postponed family shindig in honour of my mum’s seventieth birthday. She is now seventy one and a half, and as the party coincided with my brother’s fortieth, they made it a joint celebration of 111.5 years on the planet. The party was a ceilidh, with live band and caller, so much fun was had by all! The kids enjoyed dancing, I caught up with old friends and we all reeled home at nearly midnight.

Today was our annual, local community festival and we had recklessly booked a stall, which meant setting up at 9.30am. It turned into a beautiful day and we managed to get shot of a few toys and assorted other stuff. The theme this year was Doctor Who, and (in true Brighton fashion) the local Anglican priests took part in the parade in full religious gear and Cyberman masks! These clergymen surpass themselves each year and are a model of jolly participation. Let’s just say that the Anglican clergy in Brighton tends to be quite at home with the whole theatrical side of life. Leo wore his suit, converse boots and Doctor Who glasses and went as the great Time Lord himself. Pearlie had a stab at looking like Martha Jones, but that was a bit of a challenge without the jacket and so on.

Tonight has been a bit of a struggle as we are all ragged, but the kids are now in bed and I think we’ll soon follow.

BTW there is a good discussion of home ed available on the BBC website – from the Worricker show that was on this morning. It starts about an hour and a quarter in to the programme.

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