Monday, July 16, 2007

A dragonfly moment

Leo and I went across town to one of our favourite parks today. One of our home ed groups takes a summer break from the indoor venue and has outdoor meets instead. These tend to be very patchily attended, and Leo and I found ourselves alone. We decided to please ourselves and enjoyed a lovely few hours pottering about the park. It was quiet because the schools haven’t broken up yet.

Leo had his scooter with him and he had a fine time gliding down slight inclines. The scooter in question is rather high class, a Xooter, which we got very cheap as it had some water damage. It has incredible gliding capability and is great fun to ride.

After that we went off to the manor gardens and looked at the pets’ graveyard. This was one of my favourite bits of the park when I was about Leo’s age. It is a row of maudlin little Victorian grave stones in memory of various dogs. He was affronted (as I remember I was at seven) by this one:
Here lies Tatters
Not that it much matters.

Then we went on to the Rockery, to look at the fish in the pond. As we sat there we realised that a mighty, beautiful blue dragonfly was there with us. It never stopped moving, all the time we were watching it. It seemed almost as big as a bird, and we could easily follow its movements. We saw it chase a smaller insect in the air.

It was a wonderful moment – peaceful and magical. We sat low on the stepping stones across the pond and the dragonfly swooped over our heads. A moment to be grateful for home ed.

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