Friday, July 13, 2007

Here is the news

According to Leo! This was created during yesterday’s 6 o’clock news bulletin on the telly.

And here is the news according to HEdline, your friendly neighbourhood home education campaign group.

The headlines from the Green House are:

Tennis achievement: Pearl, 10, Leo, 7, and Dani, 38, all managed to hit a tennis ball across the net in the local park

New Grizzly Tales books finally available in shops. Leo snapped them both up.

Dalek Sec Hybrid action figure nowhere to be found in town

Baby seagulls on roof opposite begin to fly

And finally, advance notice of an important sporting event. Local HE readers welcome to come along – contact us for full details.


Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Inspired by Leo's work of art. Elle

Sarah said...

Yes, Leo's News is fantastic. Tell him I especially liked the joke in the top rh corner, I think the real news should tell a joke too, every now and then ;)

Anonymous said...

The dalek hybrid toy isn't available yet

Anonymous said...

oops didn't mean to submit that, went to check the dates. its 30th of this month
Liza xxx

Dani said...

Thanks, Liza. That should save us from more fruitless traipsing round town!

Liza said...

no probs! has leo seen the dalek hybrid voice fx mask that's being released next month!!