Tuesday, July 31, 2007


We’ve got summer – like, no rain and bright sun and all that! Hoorah! Today we spent nearly five hours in one of my favourite parks. The kids and I met up with cousin B (7) who is doing a one hour a day mini-tennis course there this week. Bit by bit, home edders and friends started to arrive until there was a big mix of kids. There was a game of gangs, bases, chasing and capturing and Pearl and Leo ran around non-stop for hours. Pearl did actually stop for her sandwich and fruit but Leo ate his on the hoof. Dani came to meet us once she'd finished work, and she and P cycled home together. By the time the kids went to bed tonight they were both swimmy eyed with tiredness.

Yesterday we went to visit my dad and his wife in the mid-Sussex town where they live. We had a lovely day. The walk from the station to their house is punctuated by nice distractions for the kids: a play area with spinning see-saw (which our kids call a seebount!), several patches of brambles where early blackberries were found and railings used to stop people cycling down a walkway that are actually impromptu climbing frames. We were treated to the usual feast for lunch. My dad’s wife remembers every food stuff that the kids enjoy and provides a whole range of choices – and always meringues! After lunch we sat in their gorgeous garden and played and chatted. As well as some toys (bats and balls and so on) they keep lots of useful things tucked away – a half section of plastic drain pipe kept P busy for ages. My dad has a wonderful little summer house type thing at the end of his garden – lined with bookshelves, comfy chairs, radio and a plug in heater to keep his books dry in the winter. If I had such a place I think I’d never come out!

Current activities here (when we’re not out enjoying the weather) are:

Thinking about our weekly schedule of activities. Dani has constructed a colour coded system and the noticeboard is covered with little coloured bits of paper…

Making ginger biscuits. Dani and the kids made these on Saturday when I was at work. Arriving home to the smell of freshly baked biccies is so cosy!

Catalogue and website browsing. Thanks to a gift from my dad, P has boosted coffers and is currently to be found comparing tops, skorts, jeans, vests, leggings, sweater dresses and so on. She is very into clothes at the moment.

Drawing and writing. This is Leo – as usual! His book of Moley stories goes from strength to strength.

Enjoying some second hand books. Pearlie was very chuffed with a gift of some Horrible History books from our next door neighbours – all ones she hasn’t read before.

Knitting up a storm! Guess who? Yep, Dani’s Penrose Tile knitting nears completion.

Mending. I finally got round to sewing a patch on a large rip in Pearlie’s sit and sleep chair bed. I have been thinking a lot recently about the lost skills of mending and how sad it is that we now replace rather than repair.

Thinking, talking and planning about how we can re-organise the rooms of the house to give us three real bedrooms. At the moment we sleep in a room that is separated from the living room by a curtain and Pearlie is in a very small room. We have a cunning plan but it is probably going to cost a lot (moving kitchen and installing a second shower where current kitchen is) so we need to think carefully.

Here’s looking forward to a few more days of sunshine!


peri said...

Great post - sounds like you are all enjoying life. Normality is so far away with us at the moment - it is very pleasant to read about normal/fun family days *sigh* I can't wait till this week is over and we can get back on an even keel.

Gill said...

Yes, lovely post! I totally agree about mending. And *drooool* @ your dad's summer house!

Claire said...

It is great that summer does seem to have eventually arrived - even if only for today. Let's hope it does last :-)