Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This blog?

I’ve been pondering the future of this blog recently. I went through a big wobble just before HESFES, when I felt I couldn’t be bothered trying to keep the blog up to date, and was thinking that the kids could just blog what they want about their lives. But, then I found myself doing a HESFES post and the habit kicked in again.

I suspect that this blog will become less diary-like and more a place for thinking, but we shall see.

Today, I thought I’d put a bit more of an HE slant on the post and include a quick update on what people are up to round here.

Pearlie loved HESFES and would probably happily live in an environment like that. Back at home, she found two copies of First News waiting for her, which she has been enjoying. The First News subscription was money very well spent, I think, as both the kids like it – and I read it too. Pearlie is more and more interested in news and current affairs and is picking up lots about the world.

Pearlie has also returned to steady work on a scarf she has been knitting for some time – inspired by HESFES knitting, I think. Today she went to Dani’s work to use a badge maker to make up some nice designs of her own. She has a bag which is steadily getting covered in badges – very trendy.

Tonight she has gone off to a swimming club, where there has been something of an HE invasion. It is a very big club – quite loud and manic – but P enjoyed it last time, so she’s hoping to stick with it.

Leo has been quite glad to be home from camp – and clearly needs lots of time playing on his own. He made a cart for his toy Ood this morning, out of an old chocolate box and using toilet roll tubes as rollers. Pearlie explained that this was similar to the way the Ancient Egyptians used logs as rollers. A nice home ed moment.

Yesterday, Leo and I had a great conversation while walking over to my mum’s house. He explained his idea for de-humidifiers to extract water from the air in damp climates, which could then be transported to areas where people need water. This covered lots of topics – climate change, energy usage, solar power, the difficulties of transporting large quantities of water – and more.

When at my mum’s house he wrote a list of his top twenty prized possessions, which included his big toe??

Both the kids went to Squeezebox today, where they started some new songs – all good.

Dani has been working on a new Hedline newsletter, with local authority work update and reminder to people to respond to the consultation.

I’ve been getting irritated with some nasty little bug that is preventing me from commenting on other people’s blogs!

So, let’s see what happens with this blog over the next few weeks...

BTW, between Crete and HESFES we never blogged about an excellent home ed trip to the Science Museum (Friday 22nd June), where we all went to the ‘Science of Spying’ exhibition, and saw a 3-D dinosaur movie. So, many thanks to the organised home edder who sorted the group booking and saved us a lot of money.


Gill said...

Just speaking up as a big fan of the Green House blog!

Hope it stays, in whatever format xx

I do know what you mean though WRT blogging the kids' stuff. As mine get older there's less I feel I can say about them, because of course they're saying it for themselves.

Beth: said...

Ooo, yes, don't give it up please! I enjoy reading you :-) Blogs tend to grow and change over time ....

Lucy said...

I like reading you too. :-)

HelenHaricot said...

I'll miss it if you stop blogging. but these things go in cycles, waxing and waning. so blog as you see suits you. RSS is my friend!

Gill said...

Just wanted to say I love your Green Parent piece! :-)

I've just read it this morning.