Wednesday, August 01, 2007

All play and no work

I have a 45 week per year contract at work so, every summer, I get five weeks off work (and two at Christmas). I look forward to the summer break because it means that we get more family time all together, but I always forget that when it actually happens I miss going to work.

Here’s what I miss:

The journeys each way – a chance to spend time entirely alone and listen to music or an audio book, or just think.
The views from the library where I work. These are soon to be somewhat wrecked by a new football stadium, so have to be enjoyed while they’re there. The sunsets are often spectacular.
Aimless chat with colleagues about weather, tv and bus shelters!
Getting a pile of stuff sorted without being interrupted to sort out an argument…
The smell of the library and the peace of a final headcount on a quiet evening.
A good session on the enquiry desk, where you never know what might come up next.

Of course, there are a lot of things that I don’t miss! I won’t list these…

But, whenever I have this break I realise that I need a job outside the house. I took four months maternity leave when Leo was born, and then went back to work gradually, but that is the longest break I’ve had from paid work in the last thirteen years. I’d hate to work full-time again, but equally, I wouldn’t be happy at home full-time.

That aside, we are having a good time in the sunshine. Today we all went to our beach hut for the afternoon. Various people swam in the sea, Dani and Pearl rode there and back on their bikes, Leo did extremely well on his cousin’s bike with stabilisers – a new thing for him.

Yesterday, the kids went to Squeezebox and then we hung out in a park again. Pearlie had swimming club in the evening, and Dani managed to combine dropping her off and picking her up with a visit to a Pride week event. Looking forward to a night out on Friday and then the main event on Saturday – and it looks like it’ll be sunny.


Gill said...

Your job sounds lovely :-)
And a beach hut! *drool*

Elaine said...

A beach hut is such a good idea 'cept we would hardly be home mmmmmmmm

Allie said...

Beach huts here fetch the most crazy prices - upwards of £5000 for a wooden box! Ours is a shared extended family resource - bought by my mum in 2001. It is great this year because the kids can potter about around it on bikes, scooters etc and go down on the beach without too much supervision. We get to sit on folding chairs and read the paper. It is lovely.

Gill said...

Sounds heavenly to me.