Monday, August 27, 2007

Family Reunions

We got Pearlie back on Friday, looking very bronzed and full of tales of seaside hi-jinks and campfire games. She said she had a good time, but was very pleased to be home. She went straight to the computer to set up an MSN account so she can keep in touch with the new friends she made at camp.

We’ve had a busy weekend, involving:
  • Tennis in the park for Allie and Pearlie

  • Weeding and cherry picking in the garden for me and Leo

  • A lovely cherry cake

  • Breakfast in bed for me and Allie, thanks to Pearlie, who thought it was not right for us to let our anniversary weekend pass without any celebration (lack of funds this year), so secretly bought us each a ‘Guess how much I love you?’ bookmark, made us a card, and cooked us both crumpets on Sunday morning.

  • A pleasant picnic in Kensington Gardens, with my parents, my sister and her family. This involved some romping about in the Princess Diana Memorial playground (a little bit too health & safety for my liking, with a bouncer on the door to keep out children with no adults and adults with no children, and other staff patrolling to make sure glass containers were removed safely from the playground),
    some picnicking under lovely trees by the pond,

    some long-awaited catching up chat for the girls and some mutual lessons in how to be an annoying little brother for the boys.

  • Another extended family day at the grandmothers’ allotment. All the kids dug a few potatoes, which we’ve brought home for their tea, then we removed their little trampling feet from the precious ripe crops and took them to run around at the nearby cricket field, where we all picked blackberries.

  • The eventual completion of my Penrose tile blanket. Here it is, with a crochet border and everything.


Beth said...

Happy Anniversary!

Glad Pearlie had a good time :-)

RE: safety -- well, I don't know, sounds like sensible regulations to me.

Dani said...

Hi Beth,

Oh, yes, I know the regulations are sensible really. It was just the way we were reminded of them that got on my nerves. We were a big family group having a picnic, and we really weren't going to leave broken shards of glass lying around, even if we had brought a dangerous jar of mayonnaise with us!

Wobblymoo said...

What a great blanket, she has a real talent there. Happy Anniversary to you both xx

Lucy said...

How sweet of Pearlie.

Thank blanket looks great, how clever!

Gill said...

Beautiful blanket! Happy anniversary! Yes, lovely of Pearl :D

*Rolling eyes at the health & safety*

Otherwise, looks like a great time had by all! :D