Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Full on summer time stuff


Dani was at work all day. The kids spent most of the morning reading and then we went to Squeezebox for their band session. They are currently working on several songs, my favourite is ‘Stray Cat Strut’.

After their session we went to the park for a play. Many home ed kids were there and both kids found playmates. I held a chubby little baby for a while!

In the evening Dani had to go to a meeting and she took Leo with her. I took Pearlie to her swimming club – and read my book of short stories. I was quite impressed with the swimming club – the teacher was a woman well into her seventies, who seemed to be really watching each child and giving them tips. P had a good time.

We were all home at nine and watched a Doctor Who before bed.


Today has been a lovely, but tiring, day. Dani went off to work and I packed up a lunch and took the kids on buses to the beach hut, where we met my mum and my brother and his two kids. I had a gorgeous swim in the sea – chilly but invigorating! The kids played with their cousins – collecting seaweed and rocks and building sand constructions.

After a while we went off to the play area along the prom and the kids played on the climbing frames and so on. Pearlie had changed out of her sun suit and back into her dry clothes, which she proceeded to soak by playing in the paddling pool! Luckily her sun suit dried enough to be worn home.

We now have the cousins here for a sleepover and everyone is a teensy bit overtired… Hoping we can coax everyone into bed before there are further tears as they may turn out to be mine!

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