Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am a Human Dalek! I am your future!

Leo is enjoying a week of pleasing himself – all quite relaxing.

Wednesday morning (at 9am!) I talked two builders through the work we want done in the house – Dani had left for work. Leo spied on the builders from various vantage points! Then he and I spent a quiet couple of hours up in his room, watching ‘Army of Ghosts’ and ‘Doomsday’ (Doctor Who), while playing with Geomags. ‘Doomsday’ is the episode when Rose gets trapped in a parallel universe – and she and the Doctor have to say goodbye. I *always* cry when I watch that episode!

After we’d put all the geomags away (I am obsessive about getting all the bits back in the boxes – as it is so expensive!) we did a 100 piece dinosaur jigsaw together. I’ve been trying to get things down off the shelves that rarely get touched. So, this week we’ve been playing games that were a bit dusty, Leo has made a plasticine Ood (more DW!) from an untouched box in his room – and we worked together on a pom pom animals kit to create a bizarre looking puppy and cutsie little ladybird.

Dani came home at lunch time. While I was doing a couple of hours cleaning for my neighbour, Dani helped Leo with a bit of experimenting. They got some bits out of an old circuit kit and raided the batteries box. Leo really enjoyed holding the wires to a battery to get a bulb to light, or a little motor to spin. This was all inspired by an old 1970s book that I got free in a stock weed at work. It is a great little book that encourages kids to experiment with batteries, wire and a variety of household objects.

This led to a discussion of how my siblings and I used to play with lighted candles and matches on a big tray on our kitchen table. We called this ‘candle surgery’ – and enjoyed making puddles of liquid wax, lighting matches off a flame – and so on. Leo was keen to give this a try – and was happily mesmerised for an hour or more. Sadly, we got a bit too relaxed after a while and both took our eyes off him - just as he burnt his finger tip in a candle flame. GUILT. I suspect I was a bit older than Leo when I used to play with these things. Anyway, he held his finger under the cold tap for ages and then in a bowl of cold water. I gave him an ice pack to take to bed, but it looks ok this morning – just a white mark.

Today, Dani has gone to London for a grown up afternoon with her parents at the British Museum. Leo finally reached £30 saved (helped by some cash from my dad but still quite an exercise in self-control for Leo, who is tempted by all Doctor Who products!) and we went to town so that he could get a Dalek Sec Hybrid helmet.


Liza said...

Leo looks cool as Dalek Sec Hybrid, must remember to show Andrew the pic tomorrow. ouch at the finger, hope its better in the morning.
That episode gets me sobbing like a little girl every single time I watch it too.
Bring Back Rose Bring Back Rose!!!!

emma said...

I've seen that sort of candle game work very successfully with 2 year olds... (well, not striking matches themselves)

the sooner children become confident around fire the better, I say. (I was taught to strike matches away from my body well before I could ride a bike)

Gill said...

LOVE that helmet!! Oh and lucky Dani, that sounds like a lovely thing to do :-)

Dani said...

It was indeed lovely. I strolled through London, enjoying the sight of street markets and bookshops on the way. We saw the Crafting Beauty exhibition at the British Museum, which contained amazingly beautiful pieces created with mindblowing precision and care. Then we popped into the Middle East gallery and saw rooms and rooms of fantastic Assyrian wall carvings stolen by Victorian explorers and lovingly preserved for our edification. The British Museum is wonderful and horrifying at the same time. It was very nice to see my parents and have a chance to experience some London streets too.

Wobblymoo said...

What a great helmet, better not show Nathan or he will want one