Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just the three of us

The sun has finally come out – probably because we gave up on the park and came home!

We’ve done rather little over the last few days. Leo has been enjoying time at home playing with his Sylvanians, Doctor Who figures and toy rats. We also played Mouse Trap yesterday, with the slightly dodgy second-hand game we own. This had one piece missing and one broken when we got it, so it’s always a bit fiddly to get it to actually trap mice!

Leo has done some work on a book all about Daleks. I have his permission to share this page with you. It shows how his punctuation continues to develop.
“Their home planet, Skaro, was destroyed in the time war. The Daleks evolved from Kaleds. It was Davros’s idea to evolve into Daleks to survive. But it did not lead them to survival at all. It actually did the oposit, and exterminated them.”
Leo still writes in almost all capitals, so he hasn’t adopted the conventions regarding capital letters. Yet he is getting to grips with apostrophes and commas. I do find it fascinating how he finds his way through these things.

Leo and I popped in to see the grandmothers yesterday. We’d been at a park across town and we stopped off at their house on the way home – it was a long walk. We stayed for lunch and ate freshly picked corn on the cob from their allotment.

I must go and tidy up as we have another company coming tomorrow to give us a quote for our kitchen/bathroom work. This work will involve spending more money in one go than Dani and I ever have. Part of me wants to just forget it – but we do need three decent bedrooms.

I can’t wait until there’s four of us in the house again – it just feels a bit ‘wrong’ without P.

This is a great place to waste some time – especially if you like biccies.


Anonymous said...

theo was much the same with writing.s capital lettersn, keen punctuation. the commas come from where you would pause if you could hear yourself reading it( eric partridge says this is WRONG but we all do it, don't we ?)and the apostrophes are just logical.

love, fiona

Gill said...

I'm very impressed with Leo's punctuation. Oooh and that website.. ;-)

Wobblymoo said...

Everyone gives me hope that eventually it will all just click with Ryan