Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Leg on the bathroom floor

The other day I was sweeping up
Mountain of pubes, scraps of tissue
Nameless grey fluff
Bathroom floor was due for a mop – long overdue

I found a Leg

Leg lying there
Blue, plastic
Hinged at the knee and muscular of thigh
Silver screws and rivets

Power Ranger no doubt
Some plastic man or other
Shed a limb and hobbled off
Back to his comrades

There were days
Chase them through the snatches of memory before They came
Days when there were no legs to be found on my bathroom floor

Candles, scented
Solid rivers of wax from a night before

Magazines, books, papers
No-one would splash

Feminist Review, even
A whole article read and no-one calling…

“I need a wee!”
“Something’s wrong with the TV!”
“I’ve spilled it on the fluffy rug!”
“Come and see this weird black bug!”

There were bottles of stuff
Bubbled, oiled
Heady, steamy

Moments and moments
And silence

But, for now

Crazy soap
Water pistols
Old sponge dinosaur
Squirty fish

Hump-backed whale of dirty clothes that has swallowed our laundry basket

And a Leg


Elaine said...

That is fantastic, absolutely

Beth said...

One of the best posts I've read. Really beautiful. You should consider submitting it somewhere. (I think I've said that before about things you've written!).

peri said...

:-D very, very good and also true!

Gill said...

Brilliant! :-)

Jax said...

love it. I found a leg under the sofa the other day.

Wobblymoo said...

Fantastic that!!