Saturday, August 04, 2007


Lots of real nudity and fake nudity! The fake variety always makes me laugh - little things and little minds perhaps... No idea how people walk the whole parade in shoes like that.

Many police on the parade these days.
Bubbles in the sun.

Kids on big slide. It was very tricky to catch them actually on the slide and not just in a heap at the bottom!

Lots of super costumes.

Gay Men's Chorus do Sound of Music.

Amnesty - good eggs.

Quakers with t-shirts.

Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy...

Seems like just a twinkling since last year’s Pride but today we found ourselves there again. It was a fantastic day – bright, warm sunshine and much merriment. The theme was shows – so there were a lot of Dorothies and Von Trapps in evidence. We spent much of the day with various family members – my mum, her partner (J) and then my brother and his two kids – cousins S(9) and D(5). It was a good Pride – they’d got more child friendly fun-fair rides and lots of the community group stalls had great freebies for the kids – sweets, pens, key rings and wonderful squashy cows from Unison (so that’s where my subs go…)

P and L had an especially good time because their cousins were there to play with. P and cousin S spent an hour queuing for a toilet – during which time the boys were entertained by bottles of bubble mixture given to them by a passing woman in a pink ballgown and black leather helmet. As usual, D and I would have liked to have spent the afternoon watching the acts in the Women’s Performance Tent. But we had a great night out last night when we saw a lot of those acts, so we can’t complain really.

The kids saw my stroppy side when we arrived at the park, at the end of the parade, to find some Christians waving placards urging us to repent. My belief in freedom of speech means that I support their right to do that – but also my right to boo and hiss. Sadly, I think it all kicked off a few minutes later, in spite of the Christians with placards being surrounded by a cordon of police. There’s no way I support violence but if you invite yourself to someone else’s party and then behave rudely, you can’t really be surprised if they get cross.

So, I won’t be ‘repenting’ the ‘sin’ of my sixteen year loving relationship – YAWN… It’s sad that the people they really upset are the LGBT Christians, of whom there are many on the parade and in the park – MCC, Quakers and more. These are often people who have been through so much to get to place where they can be happy.

We all need an early night as we were out on the razz last night and the kids were at a sleepover. Off to visit more grandparents tomorrow.


Gill said...

Glad you had a great day. Sorry to hear that there were spoilsports. Yah boo hiss to them from me too. I can't understand why some people seem to think everyone else's business is their own. Tut sigh. But great that you all had such fun xx

Nic said...

excellent pics and what great weather for it too :)

Sarah said...

makes me mad too, despite being a christian myself, stuff like that just gets people's backs up. It's not the time or the place, never mind what anyone believes!

Looks like a great day.

Liza said...

glad you all had fun!
booing and hissing from me too.

Lucy said...

Looked like a good day, the pictures are great. Can't believe the placard waving christians bit, didn't know there were still people out there like that!

Elaine said...

We have friends in bedford who love going to pride , they always seem much bubblier after.

Claire said...

Great pictures but Brighton pride without the mud and rain?? Its a bit unusual isn't it? Keep meaning to make it down there again but by the time I think about it all the places I'd consider staying in are booked up.

They had the same placards wavers and trouble in London this year apparently. It's something that doesn't seem to happen at Manchester - maybe because it goes on for some many days and is at bank holiday they can't be bothered to attend?

Minnie said...

I've always wanted to watch this..happy people and fun!! Maybe next year.

Don't let the placard wavers get you down. Prejudice really gets my goat! You did well to just boo and hiss. If it was me, I'd have done that AND more...(covering Junior's eyes and ears, of course).. no dignified silence from me!!! lol.

Wobblymoo said...

Looks like a fab day/

Allie said...

Thanks for all these nice comments! It is a great day and very important to us as a family.