Saturday, August 11, 2007

A strange time ahead

Tomorrow, Dani and Leo are off to Woodcraft camp for a week. The following week P is off to a different Woodcraft camp. I’m sitting happily at home, waving people off and welcoming them back – and secure in the knowledge that I wouldn’t enjoy Woodcraft camp! What with a packed programme of activities and work ‘clans’ to participate in, I’d be on my way home by day two. But it will be very odd not to be our ‘four family’ for a couple of weeks. ‘Four Family’ is our kids’ term for the immediate family and ‘Share Family’ for our extended family.

Over the last few days we’ve been:

Swimming – pool and sea. It was a glorious day for swimming in the sea today and we all had a fine time.

Reading and visiting the library – both kids really powering through the books at the moment.

Shopping – Pearlie scoured the town to find a Martha Jones action figure but drew a blank. She went with a Judoon Trooper instead.

Cycling – Dani and Pearlie rode out to the beach hut today but Dani’s brake cable snapped on her Brompton, so the bike needs a bit of work now.

Packing – because the Woodies camps overlap we have to think carefully about who is taking what. Luckily, P doesn’t have to take a tent – one will be provided.

Making paper – Leo did this (with a bit of help from Dani). He is thinking a lot about how to recycle and conserve energy at the moment.

Bonus link!

Check out this fine Dalek Sec song on YouTube - Leo loves it!


Anonymous said...

omg I had to turn the sound off, could not listen to that for more than 10 seconds! (I did watch all the video though!)

Anonymous said...

message for Leo from Andrew.
I like this video
It's about Dalek Sec and the evil bananas!
from Andrew

Allie said...

Leo's away for the week - but I'll show him on his return!

Gill said...

LOL, I'd be leaving on day 2 too ;-)