Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bug, bats, books

Everything got a bit knocked out of whack by Allie being so ill in the middle of the week. Amazingly, none of the rest of us have come down with it, despite it being clearly a thing that’s going round our social circle.

I took Wednesday morning off work, and gave the kids the minimal help they needed with stuff they were doing in the house – Pearlie was knitting, I think. Can’t remember what Leo was up to. Later on we did our usual Wednesday afternoon round of library, swimming and capoeira, while Allie slept off the bug from hell.

Thursday had Kids Club for both kids – more work on the houses project. Leo and I made an apple pie in the afternoon. Pearlie had a good time at Woodcraft Folk, as usual. She really seems to be enjoying that group at the moment – it’s great that she’s got somewhere that doesn’t rely on us to organise it in any way.

Allie was well enough for me to go back to work on Friday, and she took the kids to the big fortnightly home ed group. Both kids helped with the vege shepherd's pie that was being made there - Pearlie with the chopping, Leo with the eating.

Yesterday was a bit up and down. Sometimes these Saturdays with no work are lovely, but often we seem to fill the sudden gap in commitments with pointless bickering and bad moods. I think we all have different ways of dealing with the change in pace, and it leads to tension. Despite that, both kids’ rooms got tidied and hoovered, with the new hoover Pearlie and I went to buy in the morning. I finished a knitting project and prepared for my next two rota sessions at Leo’s Woodcraft Folk group.

Today we were all back to our usual busyness. Allie went back to a stack of work, Pearlie played with her cousin in the morning and took herself off to the local swimming pool in the afternoon, and Leo and I made a cardboard Tardis in the morning. In the afternoon we went to a very interesting bat event in a nearby park – we met some real bats, heard their echolocation sounds through a bat detecting device, listened to a lovely bat expert, and Leo made a very fine wooden bat box.

We’re all onto new bedtime story books now. Allie is reading The Lost Barkscrolls to Leo, and Pearlie and I are enjoying The Secret of the Indian.

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Wobblymoo said...

Glad to hear Allie is feeling better, you seem to have such an active community down there