Friday, September 21, 2007

Busy bees with birthdays

It’s way too late to start blogging but I suspect I won’t get round to it tomorrow. I’ve just spent an hour or so getting on to Facebook and trying to understand what the hell it’s all about. I feel more and more like my mum in the mid 80s when we got a video recorder for the first time… Anyway, blogging I get.

Monday was a very busy session at MMs – one of our home ed groups. MMs was first started back in the summer of 2004 and has grown, shrunk, grown and changed since then. We were having an ‘open week’ – where new people come along to see what they think – and five new families turned up! After MMs I took Leo over to the grandmothers’ house, where he treated them to taped episodes of Doctor Who.

Pearlie went to Kids’ Club (another home ed group that runs at the same time as MMs) where they started a new project on deserts.

Dani and Leo went for a walk in Stanmer Park with his Woodcraft group in the late afternoon/early evening. It looks like Leo’s Elfins group will be folding but we think it won’t do him any harm to drop a group commitment. He can go back to Woodies when he’s old enough for Pioneers (9) if he wants to. He is generally pretty tired on a Monday as he rampages at MMs for hours.

Tuesday was my birthday, so I was woken by kids bearing gifts. They bought me chocolate (can’t go wrong there) and Dani bought me a lovely shirt (charity shop find!) and The Writers and Artists Yearbook 2007. (It’s great browsing through the list of magazines but I don’t think I’ll bother submitting anything to The War Cry.) I had lots of other lovely gifts from family and friends – so thanks to you all. Our kitchen looks like a rather swish florist shop.

The kids had Squeezebox (music) sessions around lunchtime. They are both practising a lot at the moment and their band is sounding good.

We had a brief moment all together at tea time for the consumption of Dani’s yummy courgette cake and then she took P off to swimming.

Pearlie has been battling a cold this week but has, true to form, been quite determined to stick with all her usual activities. Yesterday night she ended the day cuddled up in her bed with me – attemping linear equations with her eyelids drooping!

Wednesday was a day of very swift ‘mummy change over’ at lunchtime. Dani finished work at 12pm and I had to be at work, happy and helpful on the enquiry desk, by 1pm. The kids and I decided on a game of Monopoly in the morning. Pearlie pulled a master stroke during play. I bought Pall Mall and duly placed it in front of me on the table - she suddenly whipped out a rather filthy old Monopoly card bearing the same name. Turned out ‘her’ Pall Mall was a skip find! She claimed that it entitled her to 10% of whatever rent I managed to rake in for the real Pall Mall. We liked the idea so much we have decided to keep it in family play – The 10% Pall Mall!

Once I’d left for work, Dani and the kids managed a packed afternoon of activities – library, swimming and capoeira. This pattern is rather tiring but the kids love the opportunity to go swimming every week. I’m not enjoying the fact that I miss the library trip – so I’m working on the kids for another trip on alternate Fridays to a branch library. They also managed to fit in a quick visit to cousin S to drop off birthday Sylvanians. (These were penguins! Sylvanian Penguins??)

Thursday was Kids’ Club for both P and L. Dani was on the rota as parent helper so she went too. They are working on a project on houses, which today involved model making. Leo was working with two boys of a similar age and that seemed to work well (he wasn’t sure last week!), which was very encouraging. Pearlie was working in another group – also happy and productive. Dani said that the atmosphere was calm and focussed. One of the boys from Kids’ Club, and his mum, gave a talk all about the Earthship they have been building in France.

I went to town to browse in Borders with birthday vouchers. I found it extremely difficult to make any decisions at all and had to be very disciplined to stop myself looking at things the children would love. I bought two books of short stories in the end – one by Jackie Kay and one by A.L. Kennedy. I’ve still got some money left to spend, which is a wonderfully rich feeling! It was painful to stop reading the Jackie Kay book and force myself in to work. I couldn’t help resenting everyone and everything that was keeping me from the book. I’m hoping to get lots of time with it tomorrow – and the other one!

Dani had to go into work this afternoon for a meeting, so my mum came to help us out in our hour of childcare need. Apparently they all played cards which involved a slight sulk and then a wild roaring noise. I had hoped that my mum would have a quiet couple of hours with them…

Anyway, must sleep as I have to take the kids shoe shopping tomorrow. This will be the usual hideous exercise for poor P, for whom there are never shoes that fit. But we must go as P and I compared feet yesterday and she’s overtaken me! Leo is determined that nothing other than a new pair of Converse will sully his feet (he has to be in convincing Doctor Who costume at all times) and there doesn’t seem to be a shop that stocks his size at the moment… Oh, the joy of it.

BTW, we are also embarking on a family viewing extravaganza of the ‘7 up’ series of programmes, which I’ve borrowed from work. The kids were fascinated and somewhat appalled by the kids on the first programme (from 1964) – especially some of what was said about black people.

Must sleep.


Liza said...

I'v poked you on facebook ;)

peri said...

A belated happy birthday to you Allie!

Couldn't find you on facebook :-( but then I still have my L-plates!

Allie said...

Ok, erm, so Peri, I found you!

Liza, I poked you back. What happens now, do you slap me round the face?

Lucy said...

who would have thought pall mall could be so beautifully mathmatical? I've no idea about facebook either...

Liza said...

dunno lol, i only joined myself a couple days ago!
i can slap you if you want though!

Nic said...

I don't do facebook - I've decided it's for graduates only ;) Oh and all the people I want to be in touch with I am already!

Sounds like a good birthday - I love vouchers as a pressie, I think they are the very best thing to recieve. Licence to spend guilt free and buy whatever YOU want :).

I was telling D about 7UP the other day when we watched Child of Our Time, I bet it's a really interesting thing to watch years on from all sorts of points of view.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - 10% Pall Mall is genius. I wish we'd thought of that in my monopoly heyday.

still laughing


'EF' said...

Birthday greetings :)

Oh 7-UP! Where can I get that? Is iton DVD? I bet that is a long dvd. It's this sort of thing I miss about England, never being able to catch up with stuff.

Oh and facebook, I've tried to understand it but I cannot seem to grasp the meaning either. All these modern fads.

Gill said...

Belated happy birthday! Glad it was nice :-)

I fell out with facebook when I found it didn't seem to do anything. Might have another look at it though now you're on.