Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Catch up

Catching up again…

I worked both days of the weekend – and felt a bit out of sorts with some sort of vague illness.

Pearl spent a large chunk of Saturday playing with her cousin S – in the park and round at her house. Leo had one of his friends round to play – one of the many J’s he knows! This was a fine Dalek and toy rat fest in his room and L was very pleased to see his friend.

Dani and I had been planning to go out on Saturday night to a women’s club night. I felt too crap to enjoy that, so we stayed at home with a takeaway. We got curry from one of our favourite places and it was a bit disappointing – seemed like packet naan bread!

Pearlie went out on Sunday too – a cinema trip in honour of cousin S’s birthday. They saw the Simpson’s Movie again, which P enjoyed. She came home tired out and well fed on pizza, chips and cake.

Dani and Leo went into town in search of Car Free Day events. Leo was really looking forward to riding on a Segway – as the Doctor rides on one in The Runaway Bride. There he was, in full Doctor Who costume, and they turned him away because he was under twelve. He had a good cry about that but there was no way round the rule, so they came home again.

Monday was another open session at MMs – with loads more new people. The venue we use had just had a new bouncy castle delivered and the staff asked if we’d like to try it out for them. So we did! I hope the new families don’t expect such things every week.

I had to go on to work from MMs. Now that term has started I work until 8pm – and I was pretty tired by then.

Pearlie went to Kids’ Club where one of the kids brought in a magazine about an acid desert, which sounds horrible! She then went on to the grandmothers’ house, where she did some French.

Leo went to Woodcraft in the evening. He did some map making there, which he seemed to enjoy. His map included the Tardis at regular intervals!

Today has been a good day. Dani went off to work and the kids and I cracked open a pack of balsa wood and got making. They both made little beds – Leo for his newest toy rat and Pearlie for a Sylvanian creature. The kids appreciated the softness of the wood and the ease with which they could saw and tack it. Leo rattled out creations (a bedside table for his rat and a ‘community table’ for all the rats to share) and also enjoyed just banging in tacks and playing with the wood. Pearlie took accurate measurements and took great care in producing her bed (with headboard) and then a ticket booth for entrance to Sylvania.

I played them selected songs on You Tube while they worked. We all like Mika’s Grace Kelly. I had a moment of despair at all the rampant homophobia in the comments – but decided not to let it bring me down.

The kids had a fantastic session at Squeezebox. Their band has recently started playing without the support of their teacher – and they have really come into their own. Three out of the four of them are singing, which means less pressure on one of them and really fills out the sound. They were told that they have a guaranteed place in the gig so left on a high.

We spent the afternoon in the park with an assortment of other home edders – lots of chat and play.

Bedtimes at the moment feature The Magicians of Caprona for Dani and Leo. Pearlie and I finished the MEP maths book on linear equations and are now doing word puzzles out of an old Nelson spelling book that I acquired in a stock weed at work. P and I got on really well with the linear equations book – certainly ended it far better equipped to tackle such things than we were before. The only sticky moments were around negative numbers – and we’ve decided to do a MEP book on that at some point soon.

Oh, I keep meaning to mention a little conversation I had with Leo the other day. Leo is not really a one for puzzle or work books – unless they overlap with a current passion. This means that we’ve done very little in the way of maths books with him. He still isn’t interested in adding things in columns, for example. However, the other day he told me that he knew that 50% was a half, which was the same as five tenths or four eighths or ten twentieths. He also knew that 1.5 was one and a half and that eight was half of sixteen. He tends to do quite a lot of calculations in his head as we go about in the world. These often relate to time or money – and are sometimes quite mysterious. Today, as he was sitting on the bin in the park, he said:

“Do you know how old I am in Ducky Years?”

“Erm, no.”

“Forty two.”

So, that’s Leo’s approach to maths!

Pearlie went to swimming club tonight, where her usual elderly teacher was absent and a girl of about sixteen took her place. Sad to say she was quite hopeless – lacked the pace and direction needed to keep everyone focused and active.

Anyway, must drink tea and sleep. Sorry it’s a rambling catch up – such is life at the mo.


Wobblymoo said...

That's a great approach to maths lol.

Nic said...

Lol at 'ducky years'. I'm going to see Mika in Brighton later this year, can't wait :).
Sorry to have missed bouncy castle at MMs, looking forward to being back on Monday. :)