Saturday, September 08, 2007

Daleks in West Sussex

Leo and I had a lovely time at Monster’s Doctor Who extravaganza. Everyone seemed to have a camera, so no doubt it will be extensively Flickred, but here’s a couple from me.

All hail to Mrs MT for phenomenal amounts of preparation, and a truly splendid dalek.

Other doings this week have included:

  • Pearlie and her cousin S. have started a stop-frame animation project, which seems to be going well.
  • MMs, Capoeira and Kids Club resumed – they are going to be designing houses at Kids Club. Swimming and Squeezebox continued.
  • Some happy Sylvanian and lego play.
  • Leo and I began our planned cooking project with some hearty pizzas.
  • An afternoon of swimming and library, which is another new planned routine. Both kids were pleased to get their Big Wild Read certificates and medals.
  • Allie went back to work after her summer break.
  • A man came to talk about kitchens, and things are progressing nicely on that front.

Books we’re reading:

I’m reading Leo The Magicians of Caprona at bedtime, while Allie and Pearlie are working through MEP Book 7B, Unit 16 at the moment, instead of a story. Leo snaffled up Horrid Henry’s Nits on the day he borrowed it from the library and is now on Goodbye Tommy Blue. He’s enjoyed finding and reading the whole Shock Shop series at the library. Allie finished Chronicles of Fairacre and is now reading Naming the Dead. Pearlie’s in the middle of Coram Boy. I’m between books, but keeping busy with knitting projects.


Liza said...

great pics, i have a couple of you and Leo that i'm just about to email to you. wasnt it a fabby party!
btw you have a fan - andrew says you're fun!

Wobblymoo said...

Oh wow, great pics

Em said...

Great to meet you too, albeit briefly between child following and tea drinking and photo taking! Maybe next time we bump into each other we can have a proper conversation, now we've got the blog-struck conversation out the way!

Leo made a great dalek inner!!

Kirsty said...

was nice to meet you briefly too. Good pics, loved Leo's costume.

HelenHaricot said...

Leo made a v dapper doctor. Nice seeing you again.

Lisa G said...

Love those cakes! I have a Dr Who fan here who would love to have a go at making those.

Elaine said...

we thought of Leo when we spotted this tardis in Glasgow today

Allie said...

Fab! I'll show him.