Saturday, September 01, 2007

End of summer

It’s been a pleasant sort of week - has felt a bit like the calm before the storm, as we have lots of groups starting again in the coming week.

Here’s a brief catch up.

On Tuesday morning the kids and I spent some quiet time at home. Pearl wrote a letter to her pen pal, enclosing a little owl ornament she bought for her when she was at camp. Leo added to his extensive cardboard box empire – where his toy rats live. He is playing a great deal with all his ‘small worlds’ at the moment – and I like the way the rats come to his Sylvanian house, or do battle with Daleks.

In the afternoon we went to the park – and found many home edders. Most of the boy children were involved in a grand battle involving light sabres. I really don’t like light sabres – the film version are ok, but the plastic ones seem to have no redeeming features. I rather prefer toy guns (if battle toys are required at all!) because they don’t involve physical contact and the inevitable 'getting carried away'... Anyway, it got out of hand every now and then and the weather wasn’t great, so Leo and I came home and were soon followed by Pearl.

Dani took P to swimming club in the evening.

Wednesday morning was not a good one, for some inexplicable reason. It was one of those days where no-one had any tolerance so there was a fair bit of snapping at each other. Dani was home from work at lunchtime so we all went off to the swimming pool, which snapped everyone out of their grumps. I swam fourteen lengths, which pretty much exhausted me. I need to get more exercise as I used to swim twenty without too much effort.

On Thursday the kids had their Squeezebox session, while I did a couple of hours cleaning for my neighbour. In the afternoon I took P to town, while Dani stayed at home with Leo. Pearlie chose a couple of puzzle/work book things. She picked some ten minute maths exercises and a book of verbal reasoning papers. The verbal reasoning papers are to prepare kids for their eleven plus! They are rather like the sort of things that you get on the puzzle page of the local paper, and quite fun. We picked up a new Horrid Henry puzzle book for Leo.

Then we went to B and Q and looked at tiles. For some reason they don’t produce a catalogue of their tiles – but we came away with the basic idea that you can spend a very small, or a very large amount of money on tiles!

On Thursday night we had cousin B (boy of seven) for a sleepover. This went very well, though the boys didn’t get much sleep. At 11.30pm I went in to tell them to (finally!) settle down to sleep and found them cuddled up in Leo’s bed, chatting. I went to sleep then but have no idea if they did.

Friday started early – with a wild slinky chasing game that sounded like a herd of elephants over my head! Later that day my mum came over and she, my brother, and I took our two and cousin B to the park to play. It wasn’t great weather, but the kids played very happily – tennis, football, hide and seek and on the swings. Once we got home we were all pretty tired.

Today we all spent some time tidying up our little garden. In the afternoon Pearlie went to the swimming pool again alone, as no-one else fancied it. Leo, Dani and I went to the garden centre and treated ourselves to some bulbs. Leo chose some little white, scented flowers – some sort of grape hyacinth. Dani found some freesias and I chose yellow tulips. Yellow tulips are my number one favourite flower. We bought Pearlie some little narcissi. The kids planted their bulbs in some pots and sinks.

It really felt like Autumn today – grey, chilly wind, occasional drizzle and the trees on the turn here and there.


Elaine said...

I love it when we have 'mixed bag' weeks they are great to look back on.

Wobblymoo said...

What a varied few days! My boys have those plastic light sabres and if I don't catch them in time they often get carried away. We got some foam swords which are a much better idea.