Thursday, September 13, 2007

Foody frolics, fantasy coffins, and friendship bracelets

I never blogged what we did last Sunday, which was to visit the Brighton & Hove Food Festival events in town. There was free stuff for kids in Pavilion Gardens – bicycle powered smoothie makers and a machine that peels, cores and slices an apple into a lovely spiral. In New Road there was a farmers’ market and lots of stalls selling yummy food – we stocked up on veg, cheese, pasta, butter and bread, and Pearlie bought a CD from a busker who was playing a hang, which made a very melodic, hypnotic sound. Leo was very pleased to find the Gran Stead’s Ginger stall again this year, so we had some free tasters from there.

When we were all food festival-ed out, we popped in to the Unitarian Church, conveniently also in New Road, to see this fascinating exhibition about funerals (follow the Into the Afterlife link for some of the photos from the exhibition). The photographer (who I know a bit from work) was there, and he chatted to us about some of the items on display, particularly the representations of West African fantasy coffins. I thought they were fantastic.

Allie’s blogged a bit about Monday, which also included Kids Club for Pearlie and the resumption of Woodcraft Folk for Leo. This was a bit of a sad affair, with only six kids returning after the summer break. We’re still deciding whether to do a publicity drive or let the group fizzle out. In the afternoon, Pearlie suddenly decided to dig out her big bucket of Scoubis and started braiding. She was given hundreds of them a couple of years ago, when it was all the rage, but never really took to it. She’s now making up for lost time and churning out friendship bracelets for everybody at a rate of knots (so to speak!)

Tuesday had work for me, Squeezebox and park for Allie and the kids. P. had swimming in the evening, followed by a sleepover with her friend R. Much Sylvanian play and chatting, all managed very nicely by them both.

Despite feeling a bit grotty with a cold, I pressed on with all my commitments on Wednesday – work in the morning, followed by library and swimming with the kids in the afternoon, then my monthly(ish) knitting group in the evening. Allie and the kids entertained visiting grandmothers, just back from Spain, before she took her cold off to work as well. Leo is devouring library books at the moment, and enjoying getting to grips with the reservation system. Pearlie was very pleased with being able to issue her own books.

Both kids went to Kids Club this morning, and I did some errands in town, so Allie had a small window in which to do some writing – something we’ve decided to prioritise over cleaning our neighbour’s house for some extra cash. It was nice to be able to have a cup of tea together before she went to work, too. Leo and I made stew and dumplings for tea, then dropped Pearlie off at her Woodcraft Folk group.


Anonymous said...

Are you aware that you can buy Gran Stead's from Mile Oak Farm Shop all year round?

Wobblymoo said...

It's a shame when groups seem to have run their natural course, perhaps advertise on the main lists and see what happens

Liza said...

we have a bag of scoubis and a book gathering dust here if pearl wants them. andrew or i could never figure out how to do them

Dani said...


Strangely enough, anonymous, I just learned that fact today from someone at Kids Club!

Thanks for the offer, Liza - I'll mention it to P.