Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mellow weekend

It’s definitely autumn now – leaves turning, chill in the air, shadows longer and all that. Autumn is birthday season in our family, and this is the busiest birthday week, with cousin D tomorrow, then Allie on Tuesday, and cousin S. on Wednesday.

We helped D celebrate his today, with a lovely little party involving an excellent game of football in the park, followed by an excellent party tea back at their house. Everyone was happy and calm at this party, taking football injuries and the like admirably in their stride.

Yesterday was a day off for all of us – a rare event now that we are back in our term time routine. We spent the morning happily pottering at home, then wandered into town, popping briefly in at a local community festival on the way.

It was a lovely, sunny, Brighton day. As we walked up the busy shopping street, we passed this inventive one man Samba band.

The kids had book tokens to spend, so we were led into the terrible temptation of bookshops. Leo found Forever Autumn at a price he could afford, but we were unable to leave The Lost Barkscrolls sitting on the shelf, so we offered to buy them each a treat book. Pearlie has just rediscovered a liking for audio books, and she chose Flash Flood, which she is enjoying very much. She decided to keep her book token for another day.

We enjoyed delicious bagels in Pavilion Gardens, accompanied by some pleasant suzaphone music played by a man on stilts.

There’s also been quite a lot of happy home-based busyness going on, including:
  • Baking – Leo and Allie made a banana cake and lots of delicious chocolate fairy cakes on Friday. I made bread today
  • Colouring – we were further tempted in town by a set of Pentel colouring pens at a bargain price, and P. has been turning out some beautiful Altair and Celtic knot designs
  • Sylvanian stuff – Leo’s Sylvanians are always defending their house against attacking daleks and invading giant rats, while Pearlie’s babies all pile into the car and go for exciting trips around the house
  • Scientific experimentation – Leo often has small plastic creatures undergoing complex hybridisation procedures in jam jars, a process which often involves liberal use of salt, spices and other ingredients from the kitchen cupboards, plus water and, of course, blu tack
  • Reading – Leo has polished off all the library books he borrowed on Wednesday (two Horrid Henrys and a Shock Shop), and Pearlie has finished The Lie Detectives, which she borrowed on CD

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Wobblymoo said...

Busy week, happy birthday week to everyone in the Green House