Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday stuff

We are all very tired here tonight.

Dani took both kids swimming this afternoon (yes, again!) with cousins and an uncle.

Pearlie seemed so exhausted by bedtime - I hope she sleeps well. She’s had a busy weekend – swimming both days, enjoying some of the higher levels of Zoombinis Mountain Rescue, doing ten minute maths exercises, playing Chinese chequers with me. The swimming is very much her current passion. She is very grown up these days.

Leo has discovered the tin opener and is happy with it! Yesterday he somehow missed breakfast and made himself a snack mid morning: tinned sweetcorn, cream cheese and breadsticks. Today he helped himself to rather too many pineapple chunks. He has also heated himself some tinned leek and potato soup – though I helped with the pouring from the saucepan to the bowl. I know that operating a tin opener isn’t exactly cooking but it’s a useful skill!

I spent this afternoon gouging out the mouldy old sealant around the edge of the bath and then cleaning, drying and re-sealing with sealant that claims to contain fungicide. I managed to cut my hand a bit and then get white spirit in the cut (ouch!) – looks very clean! Black mould is something we have to fight in this house. I guess 150 years and a fair bit of damp make that so. I tried to clean the sealant but quickly realised that replacing it was the only answer. Radio Four served me very well while I worked – Kwame Kwe-Armah in ‘To Sir with Love’ that I read as a teenager, and Armistead Maupin talking about ‘Tales of the City’ that I read as a young adult. Radio Four never seems to let me down when I’m working on something practical but need food for thought.

Dani is currently unravelling some old piece of charity shop knitwear – to provide yarn for socks. The balls of wool are very tight, round and roly so she’s spending a lot of time picking them up from where they’ve travelled.

Lots of good TV at the moment. We watched a programme called ‘Our hidden lives’ last night – based on the contributions of some people who submitted diaries to the Mass Observation Archive. The casual anti-semitism in post-war England was shocking - though I do remember a conversation with my mum who had a close friend who changed his name in the 1950s, to make it ‘less Jewish’.

Dani once received some fascist hate mail in the post – much to our astonishment. We wondered a lot about whether she had been targeted as Jewish or, possibly, because her surname was mistaken for one of Arab origin. Rather ironic that the name could be thought to be either. Then again it could have been homophobic and actually sent by someone who knew her. We never did find out!

Anyway, better get off the pc and get ready for tomorrow – back to MMs.


Nic said...

Hope MMs goes well tomorrow, look forward to being back ourselves next week.

Wobblymoo said...

We have terrible black mould in our bathroom and our house is only 3 years old.

Gill said...

The hate mail thing made me gasp. (((Dani))) must have been horrid to open that.

And ouch at your cut Allie! White spirit, ouch ouch ouch... :'-(

Mastery of tin opener is indeed a vital skill! And pans and cookers - he might be cooking for you all soon!

Pearlie does sound very grown up and busy :-)

HelenHaricot said...

equal shock to hate mail. i just dn't GET hate mail. i understand [just] that some 'celebs' get it, because people can't tell the difference between their screen life and private. but hatemail to someone just living their life??so cowardly, horrible, malevolent and pure sad.

Liza said...

OMG at the hate mail, that is awful!

pearl looked so grown up yesterday!!