Friday, October 19, 2007

All a bit too much…

We've had a few days that have been too much for all of us!

Wednesday morning, at 9.45am, saw Leo and me outside the Odeon, in town, waiting for Pearlie to arrive. She had spent the night before at a sleepover at a friend’s house out in Hove. She arrived with very cold hands – she’d scooted along the seafront cycle path with no gloves. We are having a spell of beautiful sunshine but it’s a bit chilly in the mornings.

Heidi was good – another free educational film showing. Pearlie, in particular, enjoyed it. Leo preferred the Earth movie we’d seen the week before. The cinema was much quieter than last week – just one school trip. The film seemed quite recent – Diana Rigg was Clara’s grandmother.

We all ate bagels and then I dropped off the kids with Dani and they went swimming. I went to work.

Unfortunately, both kids were tired (not at all sure how much sleep P had managed the night before!) and they both managed to injure their knees in the pool. P was very upset by the blood – she cut her knee. Dani said it was all a bit of a drama and she was glad to get away. No doubt the pool staff were quite glad to see the back of the wailing children too!

They popped into the library too.

Dani had to go out to her work AGM in the evening, before I got home from work, so we had to call for some Grandmother Back-up. The grandmother in question (my mum’s partner) brought the kids up to my work at 8pm and drove us all home again, picking up my mum from her evening class on the way.

I got the tired kids to bed and settled down with tea and Migraleve. Migraine is still lurking now…

Dani got back late after post-AGM drinks. The meeting had gone well.

Thursday was another long day.

I had a training session at work (manual handling stuff) and had to be in at 9.30am. I had a couple of hours off in the middle of the day, but it wasn’t worth coming home so I stayed there right through to my usual finishing time of 8pm.

The kids had had a pottering day, with lots of breaks from each other as they weren’t getting on well. P had taken her first solo trip into town – walking and taking the bus – to buy something she’d seen in the museum shop. She also went to Kids’ Club and Woodcraft Folk. Leo had been playing and making slime from a kit.

Dani went off to her knitting group as soon as I got in. My migraine was buzzing and the kids had a spectacular row (I got involved too) which was very, very loud and tiring. It all started with a set of pens, would you believe… Eventually, the kids went to bed and I cleaned out the guinea pig in a grumpy manner! Dani came home and gave me tea and sympathy.

So, today we are taking it easy - ish. We’ve been back to the library to get them to take out the strip on a DVD we borrowed so that we can actually get the case open! This is the second time they have failed to remove the tab when we’ve borrowed a DVD and I find it very irritating. Leo had a reservation to collect so we asked at the counter. The staff member embarked on much blank staring at the trolley of reservations and then hunting on the open shelves in case it had been put out by mistake. Eventually the book was found on the reservations trolley… I know it is unfair but I can’t help but compare the systems in the public library with ours at work – and the dopey woman helping us sl….ow…ly with my lightening quick issue desk colleagues who handle of queue of fifteen people and never miss a beat. Last time Leo had a reservation to collect he happened to spot another for him on the trolley. The officious woman there obviously didn’t like this precocious child. She said it was ‘probably for someone else’ and snatched it from him. Dani had to go back and sneak a look at it to find that it was his reservation, after all. They didn’t get an apology...

Anyway, today we got some books and went upstairs into the reference bit to read quietly – the children’s library having a noise level rather like a soft play centre. Pearlie finished off another Lady Grace mystery – and Leo started a new Geronimo Stilton. I read the introduction to the History Boys by Alan Bennett. I love Alan Bennett but somehow missed the History Boys. I didn’t read the actual play because I’d prefer to see a production first. There’s a film version, isn’t there?

Anyway, we’re off to the theatre to see Tintin tonight – and until then I am intending painkillers and more tea and a doze. Kids are reading so all is quiet – for now.


grit said...

Tintin! we saw this this too! it's sparked a bit of a tintin craze here... hope you had a fun time!

Beth said...

Oh my. Sounds very busy indeed. I've been determined to do as little as possible this week ...

Lisa G said...

Oh we're going to see Tintin at the end of November, let us know what you think!

'EF' said...

Ug: re: snotty librarian..I don't know why they can be like that. I would have thought the prospect of being around all those yummy books and overseeing a system that stays organised would be delectable, but often librarians look really sad it makes me want to ask them: "Are you so profoundly unhappy that you cannot say a courteous word to me?"

We've just got a really cool librarian lady at our little local...she talks ten to the dozen in a very loud booming voice and jumps up to help us when we descend on her with all our requests. She praises my children for being avid readers and helps them find their way around the reservation system etc.

I hope your migraine eased and that you had a nice time with TinTin.