Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bits of this and that - and spending money...

Well, my voice is returning slowly – hooray!


The tiles came yesterday. The poor delivery guy couldn’t get his van down our street so he loaded the pallet of tiles onto a trolley and hauled it along the road – alone. When he got it to our door he split it and we worked together to unload all the boxes into our hallway. I’ve just had manual handling training at work and so was being very sensible and only lifting one box at a time. He was lifting several at a time – with grimacing face and all that. Poor bloke will probably do his back in before long, but I imagine he’s on some insane schedule.

Leo and I had a nice, quiet time at home. We spent an amusing half hour or so doing ‘homework’ – like Horrid Henry. I did a sheet of work that Leo had made for me – and he did one that I made for him. We discussed what sort of things they do at school. I showed him how to add things in columns and carry, which he seemed to follow. He gave me horrendous sums created by whizzing up and down the numbers on the keyboard and bunging a + sign in somewhere! He quizzed me on characters in the Horrid Henry books – and I failed miserably.

I told him that they wouldn’t let him write in capitals at school and he showed me that he could write the lower case letters if he had to. Interestingly, he was keen to make a lower case ‘a’ a rather complicated and loopy letter. I couldn’t understand why, but D later pointed out that he was trying to create typeface letter shapes – because he reads so much. I wonder if that is also why he seems so uninterested in joined up writing? It’s not what he’s used to seeing. I told him that persisting in writing a backwards s does mean that it looks like a z when people glance at his writing. He could put it the right way round, but it slows him up so I’m not sure if he will bother at the moment. He is still adamant that a fist grip is the only way he can hold a pen effectively – and I wonder if he will ever change that. It’s hard to see why he should when he has such amazing control with the pen in his fist.

We ate mighty plates of courgette risotto for lunch. Leo can really put food away! Then he ate yogurt and we watched some Doctor Who episodes. Leo had a bit of a headache and was rather floppy. There’s so many viruses around at the moment.

We watched an episode featuring the Slitheen, which led to some talk about calcium and vinegar. We’re doing an experiment now, with bits of chalk in water and vinegar. Leo is quite into experiments at the moment. He is often rooting about in the freezer with odd things. At the moment there is a large lump of ice, with marbles embedded in it, taking up most of the top drawer. He really loved a slime kit that someone gave him and has requested a chemistry set for Christmas.

Pearlie went out to the big home ed drop-in group. A kind friend agreed to keep an eye on her for me – though she is ever more self-sufficient. She seemed to have had a good time. She has a particular friend at this group, whom she only sees there – once a fortnight. The girl in question lives out in the sticks but we must make an effort and find a way for P to see her at other times. She and P had pooled money and shared sweets and nice things like that. Pearlie had also read a magazine that some of her friends had produced and bought herself a cute little picture frame in the charity shop. The frame was a souvenir from someone’s Greek island holiday, so Pearlie found a picture from our Crete holiday as soon as she got home.

We had a meeting here in the evening – at which four tired people did their best to be productive!

While the meeting was happening we suddenly heard a bath being run. This was Leo, who has taken to frequent, independent bathing. One of the things I like best about having bigger kids is that they look after their own personal care stuff. All that wiping of bums and noses, all that brushing of hair and doing up buttons is now in our past. The kids even feed themselves for most breakfasts and some lunches. I didn’t at all mind doing all those things when they were little, but it is nice to be on to the next bit now!


We all had a day off today. Dani went to the shops first thing with her bike and trailer to buy a very strange assortment of things we needed: vegan margarine, printer ink, guinea pig pellets and a pumpkin!

I cooked a big pile of spaghetti for our lunch.

In the afternoon Leo and Dani stayed in and pottered. Dani did some necessary clearing in our basement as the builders start next week! Leo watched TV, did some drawing and played on some websites.

Pearlie and I went to town, where we had to buy party clothes for her. The clothes bit was quite easy, and cheap. The problem was shoes. P has some walking shoes from Blacks that she is wearing ok at the moment – but they’re no good with a dress or skirt. We went to all the shoe shops known to human kind – well, all the ones in central Brighton! It is good that P is now a size four, as this means that the choice is far greater, but it was still a challenge. I didn’t want to spend a lot on teeny, tiny little Rocket Dog pumps that wouldn’t be any good as real footwear in the winter months. Also, those kind of shoes just fall off her feet. In the end we got a pair of Rocket Dog boots, which are pretty, fairly trendy without being too teenage, and which will do as real shoes too. In case you’re wondering, it is P who is concerned that her shoes and clothes don’t look too ‘grown up’, not me! Mind you, I am glad that she doesn’t like some of the more foul girls’ clothes out there…

As P was getting all this new stuff, we went and got Leo a new suit. This was very extravagant but sort of necessary. Though he isn’t dressing as the doctor all the time now he still likes to sometimes, and his existing suit jacket was two or three sizes too small. This suit we bought him is gorgeous and he is planning to wear it on stage at the gig.

We don’t tend to spend very much money on clothes, so I was a bit shocked at all the expense. P and I agreed that no-one needs any clothes until Spring now.

When we got home I made a batch of cheese scones for our tea, which we ate hot and buttery.

Leo got a bit upset this evening as, apparently, I swore at him. All I said was, “well, there’s another bloody catalogue upstairs!” when he and P were disagreeing over who should look at said item. Apparently this was a very bad example and he may well grow up to be a Champion Swearer - and it will be all my fault. So, that told me.

I’ve got work again tomorrow – and some biscuits to bake. P is off to the party – a local one for home ed kids over ten. Not sure what the others have planned.


a said...

oh you bad sweary lady!
*is shocked*
*and self-righteous*
*and ironic*
Those boots do look good.
Courgette risotto seems to be going round the blogring, I hope it gets to me soon.

a said...

Not too late if L does want to send a short spooky story to be read out. Or he can bring something and read it himself if he would like?

Lisa G said...

I've been told off by my two several times for 'swearing', apparently not even damn is allowed in this house! It's like living with my parents all over again.

Em said...

ooo those boots are lovely! P has very good taste.

Nic said...

Not allowed to say 'bloody' here either without being told off by children :). Boots look lovely.

Also in the middle of baking biscuits here - ghosts and pumpkins.

Liza said...

another one here who gets told off!

lovely boots!

grit said...

ooer ... i'm sure i heard squirrel shout 'you piss me off' to shark the other day ... and i can't even blame the bloody school.